Sanitary, storm and water system maintenance professionals will have the opportunity to see some of the top tools and equipment the industry has to offer at the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Expo.

Pipe Repair

Aries Industries      

The Wolverine from Aries Industries is a self-propelled, wheeled cutting and grinding system enabling accurate and efficient underground lateral reinstatement operations. The standard system provides high-powered cutting and camera combination for 6- to 16-inch pipelines and travels up to 570 feet. It mills or grinds liners with powerful cutting forces ranging from 1.6 to 3.35 hp. Cutter and camera functions perform simultaneously and are remote-controlled through a transmitting cable that delivers data to an above-ground workstation. This system also can be affordably installed in existing trucks. 800/234-7205;; Booth #5158.

Bowman Tool Company & Systems

The Dominator 430 reinstatement cutter from Bowman Tool Company & Systems is designed to operate in 6- to 30-inch relined pipe. Its features no external air tube, and its 72-pound construction from a solid billet of stainless steel makes it stable in the pipe. Its head assembly incorporates a pinionless, quick-change design and one adjustable gib to reduce adjustment time and maintain accuracy. Lateral reinstatement is achieved with a 0.8 or 1.2 hp cross flow air motor, with a 2.5 hp geared air motor available. It can be disassembled and reassembled in approximately 30 minutes due to its eight-moving-part design. 717/432-1403;; Booth #5221.

Dove Ventures Inc.

The Diameter from Dove Ventures Inc. is a tool created to confirm pipe sizes to correct as-builts, related drawings or video pipe inspection reports, clarifying pipe sizes for a pipe liner, without using confined-space entry. It is built from rugged aluminum for field use, and is easy to adjust for any pipe size. 604/218-1981;; Booth #5356.

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Infrastructure Repair Systems Inc.

The Trenchless Infrastructure Point Repair System Kit from Infrastructure Repair Systems Inc. is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to spot repair any size or type of pipe. It is a permanent solution for cracks, leaking joints and even missing pieces of pipe. It can compliment a lining system as a presealer, filler for miss-cuts or unsealed ends. With chemically formulated resin and fiberglass, it will form a watertight seal even against active inflow. There is no shrinkage, it is stronger than the host pipe and is certified to last 100 years. 877/327-4216;; Booths #2469, #2470.

Logiball Inc.

Test and Seal Grouting Packers from Logiball Inc. are used by specialty contractors and municipalities to stop infiltration at lateral connections and in lateral joints from the mainline sewer access to as far as 30 feet from the mainline. Chemical grout is pumped through the packer and forced out through existing pipe defects to seal and stabilize the soil around the injection points, preventing washout of backfill into the sewer and sealing off infiltration. 800/246-5988;; Booth #5227.

Picote Solutions

The Twister from Picote Solutions is used for the reinstatement and removal of collapsed liners, allowing users to quickly and safely open connections in small-diameter pipes. It can be used inside any plastic or cast-iron pipe, and has successfully reinstated over 1,000 branches from 2 to 6 inches to date. With a specialized drill head, it is also an ideal tool for removing collapsed liner. It is manually operated either with a Picote Miller cleaning and grinding machine, or by a regular hand drill. 219/440-1404;; Booth #4316.

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Pipeline Renewal Technologies

The Micro Premium lateral cutter from Pipeline Renewal Technologies delivers 30 percent more cutting power than the smaller Micro Pro, as well as a touch-screen interface, larger reservoir for flushing water and easier connection/monitoring of supply air. Using remote-inflated air bladders, the arm positions itself remotely by creeping and climbing, clamps itself for precise cutting in vertical or horizontal orientation, and feeds the cutting head a full 4 inches. Just 72 mm in diameter, the arm fits through small openings, and its agile articulation (400-degree rotation and 90-degree swivel) facilitates precision cutting, as well as maneuvering through 90-degree bends in 4-inch lines. 866/936-8476;; Booth #6024.

Source 1 Environmental

The PipePatch cured-in-place point repair system from Source 1 Environmental consists of components tested and listed to NSF 14 and NSF SE 10990. The liner is 100 percent fiberglass, and consists of a knitted biaxial and chopped strand composite, saturated with a proprietary silicate resin which, when mixed, is inert and nontoxic. After mixing, resin shall be yellow in color, which when applied to a white fiberglass mat will serve as visual aid to an installer to ensure total and complete saturation. It meets all ICC-ES PMG listing requirements, and complies with the 2012 and 2009 International Plumbing Code (IPC), 2012 and 2009 International Residential Code (IRC), and 2012 and 2009 Uniform Plumbing Code. 810/444-5364;; Booth #5304.

Standard Cement Materials Inc.

The Reliner MSP Cement and the Sun Rover II Spin-caster from Standard Cement Materials Inc. repair aging corrugated metal pipes, reinforced concrete pipes and horizontal, round and elliptical-shaped stormwater culverts. The trenchless, all-aluminum constructed, pneumatic spin-cast nozzle uses on-the-spot structural renewal to eliminate heavy construction costs when excavation or system replacement is not an option. The Sun Rover II Spin-caster applies the high strength, cast-in-place Reliner MSP Cement liner to a 4-inch thickness in even the longest and deepest running pipes. 888/278-1337;; Booth #4321.

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StoneAge Inc.

The Sabertooth automated tube lancing system from StoneAge Inc. is remotely operated, offering better visibility and increased safety by moving the operator away from the hoses. The self-contained dual-hose reel has up to 52 feet of usable stroke for cleaning tubes from 0.87 to 2 inches at up to 22,000 psi. It recognizes when a nozzle has reached a blockage and automatically retracts the hose slightly to keep the tool rotating, allowing the operator to clean continuously without binding. The positioner window has a large working area adjustable to 15 feet. It can be quickly dismantled to fit through 24-inch manways. 866/795-1586;; Booth #5130.

T&T Tools

The Mighty Probe from T&T Tools features a 3/8-inch hex rod, which is approximately 20 percent stiffer than a round rod, or a 7/16-inch hex rod, approximately twice as stiff as the standard round rod. Stiffer hex rods bend less to make the probe easier to push into the ground, especially when probing at deeper depths. Lengths are available from 36 to 78 inches, in 6-inch increments. When the probe is combined with a slide adapter, an integrated mini slide-hammer probe is created, allowing the technician to pound through difficult spots. 800/521-6893;; Booth #6000.

Pipe Bursting

Pow-r Mole Sales

The Model PD-33 pipe-bursting machine from Pow-r Mole Sales features a long 24-inch stroke. Its nonslip cylinder-activated jaws are designed to prevent cable damage, while developing 60,000 pounds of pulling force at a rate of 6 feet per minute. It offers a cost-effective alternative to open-cut by reducing excavation up to 85 percent, and is capable of bursting cast-iron, concrete, HDPE, asbestos cement, PVC, ductile iron, Orangeburg and clay pipe from 2 to 6 inches. It’s a modular machine and can be disassembled into easily transported pieces with no single part weighing over 98 pounds. 800/344-6653;; Booth #5446.

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The lightweight lateral pipe bursting machine from Roddie Inc. slides apart into two components of 50 and 60 pounds that can be lowered and reassembled by hand in the excavated pulling pit. In most cases this machine is powered and operated by a mini-excavator or bobcat tractor. It is capable of a pulling force of 30 to 50 tons, and can be used in 4-, 6- and 8-inch sewer lateral, but can also replace 1- to 4-inch water services. 888/406-3821;; Booth #4323.

Lining Systems


CentriPipe from AP/M PERMAFORM Inc. provides a cost-effective, no-dig solution for underground infrastructure rehabilitation using a bidirectional spincaster to centrifugally compact a precision liner at the best design thickness for the size, shape and conditions of deteriorated pipe. It inhibits rust, waterproofs and seals, is resistant to abrasion, and structurally reinforces and protects round, arched and elliptical pipe. It is professionally applied through a global network of certified applicators. 800/662-6465;; Booth #2113.

Avanti International

AV-100 from Avanti International is an ultra low-viscosity chemically reactive gel available as either granules or liquid. Having the same viscosity as water, it permeates anywhere water can travel and cures within a controllable time frame from 5 seconds to 14 hours. Once cured, it creates an effective, long-lasting water barrier while providing soil stabilization. It is used to stop water infiltration in manholes, sanitary and storm sewer mainlines, joints, laterals and underground structures by stabilizing external substrate. It can also be used in tunnels and mines to control groundwater. 800/877-2570;; Booth #5218.

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Clayton Industries

The Sigmafire Steam Generator from Clayton Industries is a lightweight, compact steam boiler designed to respond rapidly to sudden load demands. It will provide full steam output from a cold start within five minutes, cutting cure times by as much as 50 to 150 percent. Hot-water curing causes the entire water supply to be styrene contaminated. Steam reduces that to a simple condensate collection (5 to 55 gallons). Test samples show that liners cure more effectively, as the cross linking during the cure is superior due to higher heat. 630/855-5482;; Booth #4643.

DynaLiner LLC

High-performance trenchless pipeline rehabilitation liners from DynaLiner LLC are manufactured with specially formulated PVC and PVC copolymers developed to maximize performance. They are designed specifically for sewer, stormwater and culvert lining applications, with a formulation that allows for maximum processing during installation, allowing for greater variations in pipe diameter and size-to-size transitions with limited deformities. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to fit most applications. 970/948-7401;; Booth #5362.

Easy Liner LLC

The Pit Shot Liner Combo Kit from Easy Liner LLC is a value pack solution for lateral CIPP projects where lateral liners need to terminate within 6 inches of the junction. It is a coated felt liner with reinforcement in only one direction that works along the length of the tube, resulting in a liner tube, which is stiff in the length direction but flexible in the radial direction, allowing effortless inversion around bends at pressures as low as 5 psi. The kit includes 164 feet of liner, cal tube, premeasured resin and fully illustrated instructions. 888/639-7717;; Booth #1341.

Formadrain Inc.

DURAPOX epoxy resin from Formadrain can be relied on for 60 days open time. That much work time means no liners lost over time restraints or unforeseen difficulties. The crew can focus on their work without stress. Liners can be shipped pre-wet. The system is a steam cured pull-in-place lining used for lining laterals, spot repairs, industrial process pipes and LMC Lateral-Main-Connections. Pipe diameters range from 2 to 48 inches. 888/337-6764;; Booth #1244.

LMK Technologies

T-Liner from LMK Technologies is a one-piece homogenous main and lateral CIPP connection liner that is ASTM F2561 compliant. It has a uniform wall thickness and incorporates compressible lining material at the upstream and downstream ends, creating a smooth tapered transition to the host pipe. Both the mainline and lateral sections are formed as a structural cylinder that renews 18 inches and 360 degrees of the mainline, and extends up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining. Its Insignia compression gasket-sealing technology between the host pipe and the liner provides a verifiable nonleaking system. 815/433-1275;; Booth #1350.

Madewell Products Corp.

The Mainstay PortaMortar machine effectively mixes, pumps and sprays heavy-bodied mortars. It is used in conjunction with a medium to large skid-steer loader, and is powered by the loader’s engine and hydraulics. This combination of equipment allows for efficient applications in difficult to access areas. Hydraulic power for the mixer and rotor/stator pump provides torque for mixing and pumping mortar, and provides long life with low maintenance. An ergonomic design puts the top of the mixer at waist level, allowing the operator to perform the job with less strain and effort. 800/741-8199;; Booth #1446.

MaxLiner USA

Part of the complete MaxLiner USA CIPP lining system for vertical and lateral pipes, the FlexLiner can work in up to 90-degree bends and handle diameter changes from 4 to 6 inches. 276/656-1225;; Booth #1160.


The CIPP lateral liner from MTC is extremely flexible, easy to invert and ideal for rehabilitating gravity-fed pipelines 4 to 6 inches in diameter. 636/530-3355;; Booth #5457.

Nu Flow Technologies Inc.

The Nu Cure pipelining curing system from Nu Flow Technologies Inc. will cure the company’s lining product in about an hour, allowing for the installation of more liners within a shorter period of time. The hot-water unit can fill at 5 gpm and has an adjustable water temperature from 100 to 185 degrees F. The piping manifold allows cold/hot water and air to be regulated or nonregulated. When it is set on the highest temperature, it can be used to reform normal epoxy liners. 800/834-9597;; Booth #4109.

Parson Environmental Products

The Pro 50 Starter mortar spray system from Parson Environmental Products is portable, with each component easily lifted by two people. It can be powered by a 7.5 kW generator, allowing it to be utilized just about anywhere. It includes a rotor/stator mortar pump with a 3-cubic-foot hopper, an integrated air compressor for use with the spray gun, plus 33- and 16-foot hoses. There is also an onboard computer that controls the functions. The mixer is powered by a 2 hp electric motor and is positioned above the mortar pump for easy dispensing. 800/356-9023;; Booth #4320.

Quik Lining Systems Inc.

CIPP sewer lateral lining systems from Quik Lining Systems Inc. install pipe directly from the “wet out” stage into the ground without transporting, storing or loading it into the launching device. They also allow for the installation of unlimited lengths of resin-impregnated liner from 3- through 8-inch diameters, and can handle all products designed for an inversion-type installation. The pinch roller allows precise calibration of up to 10-inch-diameter CIPP tube and virtually any design thickness from 2 to 100 mm. The propane-driven heater delivers 199,000 Btu per hour to quickly cure CIPP liners, allowing the user to operate the heater indoors. It is mounted on an easy-to-move one-man handcart. 714/296-5262;; Booth #6406.


SewerGard Glaze No. 210G from Sauereisen is a protective coating formulated for municipal wastewater environments. It provides a chemical-resistant barrier for concrete and steel, and can also serve as a sealing topcoat over other restorative materials and protective linings. Installation is easily completed using plural component spray equipment, airless spray equipment or a roller. A 100 percent solids epoxy polymer, it is specified wherever corrosive conditions exist. Applications range from manholes and lift stations within collection systems to tankage, structural steel and secondary containment at treatment plants. 412/963-0303;; Booth #6140.

Trelleborg Pipe Seals Milford Inc.

DrainPlus Liner from Trelleborg Pipe Seals Milford Inc. are comprised of a polyester needle fleece with a TPU coating designed to overcome lateral pipes with multiple bends and pipe diameter transitions and reduced wall thickness when the liner covers a change in internal diameter. They have great flexibility so are able to negotiate multiple 90 degree bends with minimal wrinkles. They are also designed to bridge transitions in pipe diameter up to two dimensions while retaining the minimum required wall thickness in the larger size pipe section. The TPU coating allows high-temperature resistance, and when used in combination with epoxy resins can be steam cured, allowing fast processing time. 800/626-2180;; Booth #1332.

Trenchless Solutions Inc.

The Shoot ‘n’ Steam all-inclusive rental and install program from Trenchless Solutions Inc. allows any organization to begin mainlining. If you are unsure if becoming a CIPP installer is the right choice for you, this is the opportunity to try before you buy, or simply continue to use the service. First they assist contractors and municipalities on properly assessing their specific pipe lining project needs. Then they deliver refrigerated pre-impregnated liner, with all installation and curing equipment to the job site. Finally they install and cure the materials. 855/546-3874;; Booths #6150, #6151.

TRY TEK Machine Works Inc.

The Controlled Water Pressure (CWP) Inversion Unit from TRY TEK Machine Works Inc. installs 6- to 18-inch CIPP liner manhole to manhole. With water’s superior heat retention, groundwater infiltration into host pipe is less likely to prematurely cool liner causing incomplete curing and lifts. Incompressible water reacts instantly when unit is jogged, resulting in easier navigation of bends and irregularities. The liner remains constantly inflated from inversion through curing, eliminating host-pipe damage caused by multiple inflations. It can operate in places not accessible to high scaffolds or lift trucks. 717/428-1477;; Booth #1222.

Manhole Parts, Components

Containment Solutions Inc.

Flowtite watertight fiberglass water storage tanks from Containment Solutions Inc. allow a water storage system to be watertight between the access collar and the access riser. A watertight enclosure protecting an access opening is the only way to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration contamination, as the access opening is the most vulnerable entry point for contaminants into any water storage system. The system deserves to be watertight, not simply water resistant, and a tank with watertight access collars is an effective way to protect an investment. 877/274-8265;; Booth #2460.

Cretex Specialty Products

EasySeal SG from Cretex Specialty Products is a two-component spray-applied urethane sealant that provides a flexible seal in the grade ring area of manholes to reduce or eliminate frame-chimney inflow. It has been formulated for use in sanitary sewer manholes and allows for quick, easy application with minimal surface preparation. It features ideal elongation, peel strength and tensile strength in excess of 3000 psi. It is a thixotropic material that gels within seconds of application, allows for easy material buildup and is dry to the touch in minutes. 800/345-3764;; Booth #1233.

H2 Technical Rescue Equipment

The MPR100 manhole protection ring from H2 Technical Rescue Equipment protects lines from the rough edges of manholes by simply dropping it into the manhole prior to any equipment. It is produced in a highly visible safety orange to help identify the site and the open manhole, reducing potential hazard. It provides a full 360-degree area of edge protection. 517/204-2121;; Booth #5439.

Hamilton Kent

The Lifespan System from Hamilton Kent is a watertight, corrosion-proof, rubber manhole frame with a locking cast-iron or composite cover that prevents inflow into sanitary sewers through the top of the manhole. It withstands 5 psi of water pressure, and is AASHTO H-25/HS-25 load certified, making it suited for low-lying and heavy-traffic areas. It is available in 24-, 27- and 30-inch clear-opening sizes, and comes with tapered risers for simple adjustment of the frame to match surface grade. The frame absorbs impact from vehicular traffic, protecting the underlying manhole and the surrounding pavement. The locking cover deters unauthorized access and theft. 859/533-0849;; Booth #1060.

Infrastructure Technologies (Infratech)

MONOFORM from Infratech Infrastructure Technologies is an ABS interior manhole-forming system that allows the pouring of new concrete walls and bases for complete rehabilitation of existing manhole structures. The new structure is designed to exceed H-20 traffic-loading requirements. Restoration is completed without traffic detours, external sewage bypassing and disruption to adjacent utilities. Custom forms are available for larger structures, such as lift station rehab or retrofit. The company offers rehabilitation as a service with its own crews, or can provide the forming system to be used by others. On-site training is available. 763/428-6488;; Booth #6322.

Perma-Liner Industries LLC

The complete manhole lining system from Perma-Liner Industries LLC is engineered by the use of a flexible universal-fit liner to create a structural cured-in-place seal. Vacuum powered, resin-impregnated liner is inverted manually into the manhole, and uses an inflation device to press the liner against existing manhole walls. This contact allows for the liner to form to the shape of the manhole. During this process excess resin migrates into imperfections, where the liner is sealed and mechanically held in place. Depending on the depth of the manhole, cure times will occur within one to two hours ambient. Once cured, the result is a smooth interior surface that prevents inflow. 866/336-2568;; Booth #3223.

Inspection Systems

Amazing Machinery

The Viztrac Pipe Inspection Camera from Amazing Machinery has a durable 3/8-inch push cable with fiberglass rod inner core, a 20-inch cage reel and attached water-sealed case containing the controls, and a high-resolution 7-inch LCD monitor. It also has a 1-inch powder-coated lay-flat frame with upright carry handle; a 1 3/8-inch O.D. metal camera housing; nine dimmable high-output 5 mm LED lights; high-resolution color camera; scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens; high-grade 512 Hz sonde locator with an average range of 12 to 15 feet; and an integrated digital video recorder with remote control, compatible with most standard SD cards. 800/504-7435;; Booth #3024.

Cobra Technologies

The Kummert Portable inspection system, distributed by Cobra Technologies is designed to inspect 6- to 42-inch pipelines. If truck mounted, the components can be easily removed and converted to a portable system. It offers up to three hours of integrated lithium-ion battery-supplied operation in the event a power supply is unavailable. The camera is permanently fixed to the motor-driven, adjustable lift arm designed to keep it in the center of the pipe. The synchronized electric cable reel controls the process of unwinding and rewinding, matching the crawler’s speed. It features 1,000 feet of lightweight cable, a high-resolution sunlight-readable monitor and the Cobra CDL 9000 data-collection system. 800/443-3761;; Booth #3212.


The CUES Base Station is mounted in a compact, rugged, weatherproof enclosure and can fit into an ATV, van or pickup truck to access easements and hard-to-reach areas. Featuring wireless control, the unit operates all CUES transporters, cameras and video cable reel functions to accommodate 6- to 200-inch pipe inspection. The reel features automatic payout with a capacity of 1,700 feet of video cable. Camera options include a built-in inclinometer, sonde, laser diode system to measure cracks and offsets, and a laser pipe profiling system to measure ovality. Heavy-duty welded lifting eyelets and forklift skids are provided for quick deployment to the host vehicle. 800/327-7791;; Booth #5016.

Electric Eel Mfg.

The Ecam ACE 2 pipleline inspection system from Electric Eel Mfg. features one-touch USB recording, an on-screen footage counter and a wheel kit. It also features a stainless steel-housed 1.68-inch color camera with sapphire lens, 20 LED light ring and high-resolution CCD element (with an optional self-leveling color camera available), 200 feet of Kevlar-braided 1/2-inch pushrod, a 512 Hz Sonde, 5.4-inch LCD monitor encased in an anodized aluminum housing mounted to the reel, a protective acrylic antiglare monitor shield, a video output jack for recording option, flexible camera spring to navigate 3-inch P-traps, a secure-locking reel brake and a centering skid. 800/833-1212;; Booth #4156.


The ROVVER X-SAT lateral launch system from Envirosight allows a remote operator to perform pan/tilt video inspection 150 feet into a 4-inch sewer lateral from an adjoining sewer mainline. The system allows municipalities to confirm the presence of blockages in laterals, and helps utility contractors locate gas line cross bores before disaster strikes. Its steerable six-wheel-drive crawler helps it maneuver to troublesome launch points as far as 300 feet down mainlines 6 inches and larger. Its sonde-equipped, auto-leveling color camera with shadowless illumination pans 360 degrees and tilts 90 degrees to capture both sidewall detail and distant targets. 866/936-8476;; Booth #6018.

Forbest Products

The Network Video Repeater from Forbest Products offers an option for a remote real time view via the Internet, allowing operators to discuss an on-site issue with staff at the site. When a Forbest camera is connected to a laptop with Windows via this device, those in the office can view the real time picture/video captured by the camera from a computer or laptop, iPhone or iPad or other terminal with Web connectivity. 650/757-4786;; Booth #6233.

Hathorn Corporation

The Magnum DVR command module from Hathorn Corporation features USB recording and a navigation menu that is simple to use and easy to learn. With its 10.4-inch daylight readable monitor, images can be seen clearly in bright sunlight. The system features a full-size keyboard, 16 pages of text writing, 512 Hz sonde, on-screen footage counter, 8X zoom, microphone, speaker and a two-hour built-in battery with smart charger. There are several different reel options available, along with three camera head sizes. The command module can also be programed to work with other manufacturers’ reels. 905/886-2835;; Booth #5041.

InfoSense Inc.

The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool (SL-RAT) from InfoSense Inc. is an acoustic inspection technology that can improve pipe inspection and condition assessment for collection systems. The device is used to make blockage assessments in 6- to 12-inch gravity-fed sanitary sewer lines in under three minutes, with no flow contact or confined-space entry. The acoustic score for the segment ranges from 0 to 10 (0 – blocked, 10 – fully open pipe), and is typically used to help prioritize cleaning and CCTV inspection resources. 877/747-3245;; Booth #2024.


The Electro Scan ES-620 series from MTech is designed for scanning sewer pipe from 6 to 60 inches in diameter, and available for direct integration to existing CCTV trucks. Variations of electricity flowing through the pipe wall, associated with distance measurements, are automatically transmitted to the Windows-based application to record and display defect locations and their relative size. Municipal utilities and sewer contractors can determine accurate locations, measurement, and characterization of potential infiltrating or exfiltrating pipe leaks for any SSES project or cost-effective pipe repair, renewal or replacement project. 800/362-0240;; Booth #2062.


The P350 Flexitrax portable crawler system from Pearpoint/SPX features the simplicity and transportability of a pushrod system while delivering the functionality and performance associated with complex crawler systems. Options include a manual or powered drum, three interchangeable cameras, and a range of wheels, tires, cable length and crawler size. An integrated report writer can create inspection reports on site using the command module. It can be van or truck mounted and wheeled onsite using the ergonomic barrow design. Once onsite, the system is quick and easy to setup and deploy. 800/688-8094;; Booth #2242.

RapidView IBAK North America

The PEGASUS HD inspection system from RapidView IBAK North America captures, transmits, processes and displays your inspection video in lossless 1920 x 1080 high definition. The resulting HDCCTV data and imagery is precise and clear, and the system features a 10x optical zoom, one-push autofocus and LED lighting. The camera head is capable of 240-degree pan-and-tilt range, with built-in presets for 45 and 90 degrees, as well as for 360-degree joint inspections. The system also includes an integrated laser for pipe diameter and defect measurements. 800/656-4225;; Booth #2207.

Ratech Electronics

The Pan n’ Tilt Push Camera from Ratech Electronics rotates 360 degrees and 210 degrees up and down, allowing technicians to view the pipe condition easily and in more detail. An optional steerable gooseneck assists the camera. Combining this camera with a control unit gives recording capability using SD/USB drives, and allows MPEG video capture and JPEG image capture of pipe inspections. Features include a 512 Hz sonde, an on-screen text display overlay system, electronic distance counter, time, date and eight pages of memory. Standard Gel-Rod cable length supplied is 200 to 400 feet. 800/461-9200;; Booth #5140.

Ritec GmbH

The RiFlexio S from Ritec GmbH is a tilt/rotate push camera ideal for inspecting all house connecting pipes. It can be steered through several turns and bends. By pressing a button on the remote control the camera head is lifted upwards and can be pushed over obstacles or staggered pipe joints. Because of its slim shape, the camera can turn into pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter. Even inside pipes the camera head can turn 90 degrees sideways without losing the possibility of endless rotation.; Booth #1301.


The ROCAM 3 from ROTHENBERGER USA is a drain inspection camera featuring a 10.4-inch removable monitor for working in tight spaces, a 98-foot heavy-duty push cable, multimedia capabilities for recording photos, video and audio, and an exchangeable head system to attach various camera heads. It also features an integrated transmitter and an on-screen digital distance counter for accuracy. Downloadable software updates are available directly from the company’s website. It is an ideal tool for inspecting, locating and documenting damage or obstructions in pipes from 2 to 12 inches. 800/545-7698;; Booth #1321.

RS Technical Services

The GEN2 Zoom mainline and lateral inspection system from RS Technical Services performs inspections in 6- to 24-inch pipelines. Locatable via a built-in 512 Hz sonde, the system features a pan-and-tilt mainline camera, an auto-upright lateral camera, rearview camera and tilt-up connector. A launch camera actuator allows for insertion into 90-degree laterals, and the 90-watt motor produces pushing force for lateral inspections up to 100 feet from the mainline. The six-wheel-drive tractor features three forward speeds, reverse and freewheel with speeds up to 70 fpm. Also included is a reel with 600 feet of cable (100 feet of push cable and 500 feet of 3/16-inch armored Sincon cable). 800/767-1974;; Booth #2431.

Spartan Tool

The Sparvision 200 pipe inspection camera from Spartan Tool is self-contained in a single unit for easy on-the-job maneuverability. It is outfitted with either an iPad4 or an Android-based tablet for a viewing screen, and features 200 feet of ultra-slick pushrod and a color self-leveling camera. It offers instant snapshots, an on-screen keyboard and Telestration drawing ability, a 512 Hz locating beacon and a distance counter. 800/435-3866;; Booth #5024.

Superior Signal Company LLC

Smoke Fluid Systems from Superior Signal Company LLC are used to find faults and sources of surface water inflow in collection systems. The smoke fluid is both high quality and economically priced. All blowers are engineered for smoke testing, and use a double-insulated heating chamber with stainless steel injector to maximize dry smoke output, and produce the best quality liquid-based smoke. The Superior Smoke Testing Technique has been in use since 1961. 800/945-8378;; Booth #2323.

Trio-Vision USA

The TVS-15 inspection camera system from Trio-Vision USA is designed for use in 6- to 60-inch pipelines. Typical applications include the inspection and investigation of sewerage and rainwater pipe. It features a modular design, interchangeable cameras, water resistance to IP68, a short-wheelbase crawler powered by two DC motors, integral circuit protection, a high-resolution CCD camera with 0.01 lux light sensitivity, an autofocus pan-tilt-zoom camera, and rearview camera and lighting. 707/793-0673;; Booth #5432.

Vivax-Metrotech Corp.

The vCam-5 inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech Corp. features text writer, voice over, locatable sonde and traceable pushrod. The standard reel is available with 200 or 400 feet of pushrod, and choices of 34 or 46 mm self-leveling color camera. The smaller mini reel is available with 150 feet of pushrod and choices of a 25 or 34 mm color camera. The system features a control module with an 8-inch color LCD, distance counter and internal rechargeable batteries with six-plus hours of battery life. Video recording and JPEG format pictures can be saved to the internal 320 GB hard drive, USB thumb drives or SD card. The control module has built-in Wi-Fi. 800/446-3392;; Booth #4233.

Vu-Rite Video Inspection Systems

The Model C-150 T2M mini camera from Vu-Rite Video Inspection Systems is ideal for inspecting sewer lines as small as 2 inches or larger lines with the use of a mini-lift adapter. The full-color camera features a heavy-duty stainless steel lens cover and body. The lightweight, versatile frame features removal/extendable wheels, legs and handle for operating in confined spaces. Interchangeable reels allow the use of different pushrod lengths and camera head sizes. 423/256-3063;; Booth #6521.

Wohler USA Inc.

The VIS 350 visual inspection camera from Wohler USA Inc. features a pan-and-tilt camera head to inspect wastewater lines, house connections, flue gas systems and ventilation lines. Locate the position of the camera head on a vibrant display and maintain your sense of orientation with the home function. Pinpoint damage with the integrated locator transmitter. It also comes equipped with two rechargeable batteries, giving operators greater mobility on the job. 978/750-9876;; Booth #1456.

Pipe Cleaning

Arthur Products Co.

The Cnt-r-KUT TOW HOOK nozzle from Arthur Products Co. allows for all pressurized water to be applied to the task at hand by the integration of a towing nozzle which can be pulled through the line. It has the ability to pull a line point-to-point if required. Manufactured from aerospace elastomer, it is flexible enough to conform to damaged or deformed lines and can easily be trimmed in the field to fit virtually any line from 2 to 8 inches in diameter. Simply attach a 3/8- or 1/2–inch hose to one end. It is available in both a standard and mini size. 800/322-0510;; Booth #1349.

Biodyne Midwest

ENVIRONOC 301 liquid inoculant from Biodyne Midwest allows for the specialized degradation of simple/complex organics in wastewater, grease control, reduction of hydrogen sulfide and other odors, and algae control in ponds and aquaria. It features 29 strains of fresh, viable and natural microbes selected for their capabilities to handle degradation of common organics in wastewater, and the reduction of grease and hydrogen sulfide. It has a viable cell concentration of over 1 billion microbes per mL. Microbes are comprised of 100 percent naturally occurring (nonpathogenic or genetically modified) bacteria/fungi that have been selected for their special degradation or biostimulation abilities. 888/970-0955;; Booth #5453.

Chempace Corporation

The foaming action of Sewer Foam from Chempace Corporation, when combined with the high-pressure water of a jet truck, breaks down grease and organics from all types of pipes. From large municipal sewer lines to residential pipes, its use in sewer line cleaning saves time and money. It is highly concentrated at 2 ounces per gallon, making it cost-effective and economical. It is noncaustic and is safe for all pipes and jet trucks, and can be used while jetting drainlines. 800/423-5350;; Booth #1472.

Chempure Products

Root Rat cutting nozzles from Chempure Products are used with jetters from 11 hp to large truck-mounted models. Manufactured of hardened stainless steel, the cutters come with a toolbox with two interchangeable rotors – one with cables and the other with chains. The combination kit includes extra chain, cable and bearings. They need no repair or rebuilding other than bearing replacement, which can be completed in less than two minutes for under $10 in parts. 800/288-7873;; Booth #4002.

Draincables Direct

Sectional drain cables from Draincables Direct are available for almost every brand of machine on the market. Sizes include 5/8-, 7/8- and the larger 1 1/4-inch-diameter cables, along with several choices of inner cables and various lengths with the right fittings to match specific machines. 800/421-4580;; Booth #4110.

Duracable Manufacturing

The DM162 cable machine from Duracable Manufacturing is ideal for running 5/8-inch cable up to 80 feet. It is equipped with a 1/2 hp motor, which runs at 265 rpm. It features a built-in toolbox, and a heavy-duty casted, self-aligning head bearing to maintain proper alignment while in operation and allow for quick change-outs. It can be operated in both the horizontal and vertical positions, and offers a three-year limited warranty. 877/244-0556;; Booth #5239.

Enz USA Inc.

The Bulldog Antiblast nozzle from Enz USA Inc. was designed specifically to prevent blowing toilets while jetting in residential areas. It reduces the water pressure through toilets and vent traps, reducing negative pressure arising ahead of the nozzle or excess pressure following the nozzle if the installations are not correct or venting is not working properly. The company collaborated with a prestigious technical institute to develop and test the nozzle, and guarantees cleaning in all directions. 888/369-8721;; Booths #1197, #1193.

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain

The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or enclosed polyethylene drum, and can be outfitted with an optional power feeder. Standard configuration is 150 feet of 11/16-inch hollow-core cable, which should reach most blockages with a single reel. The unit weighs 185 pounds, and adding a loading ramp and electric winch to any vehicle makes transportation quick and simple. It is designed to clean pipes from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. 562/944-3060;; Booth #5064.

J. Hvidtved Larsen US

The RECycler sewer cleaning unit from J. Hvidtved Larson US features an automatic cleaning process that ensures full continuous recycling of the jetting water. It is built on a three- and four-axle chassis, has a tank capacity of 11 to 14 cubic meters, and has a continuous cleaning process generating annual savings of approximately 22,000 cubic meters of freshwater. It is equipped with a removable partition, dividing the tank into two sections of variable size. The piston can be locked in three fixed positions and moved pneumatically by means of vacuum/pressure from the compressor. The unit can also be used as a regular vacuum truck for both large and small tasks. 312/705-3813;; Booth #6036.

Jetter Depot

The Magredi Nozzle from Jetter Depot is designed for heavy removal in larger pipeline applications. This skid-shaped nozzle makes easy work of removing sand, sludge, mud, stones and rocks. It is effective in 12- to 60-inch pipe, and comes with replaceable ceramic inserts angled at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 25 degrees. 770/406-8248;; Booth #2375.

KEG Technologies

The KleenScan from KEG Technologies combines fluid mechanics for sewer cleaning with a battery-operated upright image video camera to clean and record at the same time with only a jetter hose connection. It is designed for use in pipes down to 8 inches, and is completely sealed with magnetic on/off switch. A yellow LED indicates recording on/off, and 80 LEDs ensure illumination and video quality. The video camera is powered by a long-life, quick-change, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A red LED change-battery indicator eliminates changeover guesswork. Video files are automatically date and time stamped for easy downloading to a laptop. 866/595-0515;; Booth #2425.

NLB Corp.

The Torrent 200 self-rotating nozzle from NLB Corp. offers 3-D cleaning action for totes, tanks and a variety of vessels. It is designed specifically for high-horsepower applications, and is rated for pressures up to 20,000 psi, with flow rates up to 200 gpm. It features two high-velocity water jets mounted on a rotating head. The jets spin vertically while the head spins horizontally, resulting in complete 3-D coverage. It makes it unnecessary for workers to enter tanks during the cleaning process, enhancing worker safety and reducing the time needed to effectively clean the interior of vessels. 877/652-7796;; Booth #1257.

NozzTeq Inc.

The BL SWIPER sewer nozzle from NozzTeq Inc. features stainless steel construction inside, with a green poly body outside. Inside the stainless steel tubes loop the water along air channels that increase airflow and jet stream length in the pipe. The design reduces the pressure at the truck and thus at the nozzle to reduce the amount of blown toilets with proper training and setup for 6- to 18-inch lines. It can create a Ventura Effect in pipes, sucking them dry by pushing the water through the channels in the nozzle. 866/620-5915;; Booth #1250.

One Biotechnology

BioOne from One Biotechnology contains bacteria selected for their ability to consume animal and vegetable fats, oils and greases (FOG), with no unwanted byproducts. It does not contain any added enzymes, surfactants or fragrances, so FOG does not flow out of the system into municipal wastewater treatment systems. It has also been recognized by the EPA’s Design for the Environment program. 800/951-4246;; Booth #4245.


RootX is a dry powdered formula that can be applied with existing sewer cleaning equipment or directly from the package. Just add water to the formula and you can create a root-killing foam that effectively kills the roots the foam comes in contact with and also leaves a residual to stunt new growth for a longer period of time than cutting. The simplicity of the application means a city sewer crew can do root control on demand and a professional drain cleaner has a powerful tool to add to their business. It is registered with the EPA for both sanitary and storm use (EPA Reg. 68464). 800/844-4974;; Booth #5060.

Sewer Equipment Co. of America

The Mongoose Model 184 jetter from Sewer Equipment Co. of America features a tubular steel frame, corrosion-resistant prepainted sub assemblies, state-of-the-art controls, a strong hose reel, a high-quality diesel engine and a run-dry pump. 800/323-1604;; Booth #3127.

Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters

The SJPE-1500 from Shark Pressure Washers & Jetters is portable, compact and features a detachable hose reel. Its retractable handle accomodates easy loading and unloading into vehicles, and allows for transport around work sites. Its Pulse Technology propels hose through the line and around tight curves to break through clogs. Rated at 1.7 gpm at 1,500 psi, it operates on 115-volt electricity and comes standard with a 35-foot power cord with GFCI. Designed for use in pipes less than 4 inches, it features a roll cage steel chassis, triplex pump and heavy-duty Baldor motor, and fits into tight work spaces with easy one-person operation. Its is ETL safety certified. 800/771-1881;; Booth #6324.

Soil Surgeon

The Soil Surgeon X2 tool is designed to effectively clean manway storm drains and their filter separator screens. It fits any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescopic 6- or 8-inch boom, and has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power with truck controls. Six jets are angled up and outward to dislodge caked solids from screens and filters. Bumpers on the bottom protect the jets. 949/363-1401;; Booth #6231.

Southland Tool Mfg. Inc.

Scoopa Screens from Southland Tool Mfg. Inc. come with the added advantage of having a screen on the back. They connect to the company’s quick-connect fiberglass pole system. These scoops come in sizes for lines 6 to 12 inches, and are ideal for picking up debris. The side holes and back screen let the water through, but keep the debris in the scoop for easy removal. 714/632-8198;; Booth #3001.

USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation

The Primus Nozzle – 3D from USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation features a high-performance ceramic drive and controlled rotation speed. The turbine wheel behind the cleaning head provides additional torque as well as continuous, uniform rotation of the cleaning head independently from the amount of flow and backpressure. No lubrication or replacement of internal mechanical parts within the first 12 months of operation makes it user friendly. It is constructed from stainless steel and can be operated with recycled water. The operational pipe range is 6 to 24 inches and can be used between 30 and 120 gpm at 2,000 to 3,000 psi. 866/408-2814;; Booth #5043.


Grease Release from Vaporooter is an industrial-strength detergent that contains a blend of surfactants that penetrate and soften animal fat, vegetable oil and grease (FOG). Once it emulsifies the FOG it will not resolidify. It also penetrates surfaces to slow future build up of FOG, and enhances preventive maintenance programs by coating surfaces with a grease-repelling barrier making future cleaning simpler, easier and more effective. An optional metering system is engineered to deliver the exact concentration needed. 800/841-1444;; Booth #2018.

Waste Handling

Ditch Witch

The FXT50 Truck Vac from Ditch Witch is mounted directly to a truck’s frame rails, allowing the system to flex independently of the truck, promising stability and confidence. It can be mounted to the single-axle truck of customer’s choosing, and can be customized with toolboxes and other support equipment (e.g. 1,020 cfm blower, 3,000 psi water system flowing 5 gpm.) It is quiet and offers quality filtration. 800/654-6481;; Booths #5214, #5216.

Imperial Industries

MRK6000 Series aluminum vacuum trailers from Imperial Industries come standard with a 6,000-gallon aluminum tank (6,300-gallon units are available). They feature full-length aluminum hose trays, external ribs, three topside 20-inch aluminum manways, a 12-inch primary with a 4-inch air line, a 4-inch intake and 6-inch discharge, LED running lights, a Henderson INTRAAX AAT 25K suspension, leveling height control, an air-ride suspension, Haldex slack adjusters and optional full-length catwalk with hand rails. 800/558-2945;; Booth #4020.



The HV Advanced Series from GapVax is the company’s most popular hydroexcavator, with a CANbus system control allowing the operator to observe and troubleshoot the entire system. It has a 15-cubic-yard debris body and water tank options ranging from 350 to 1,200 gallons. Features include a positive displacement vacuum pump rated at 3,500 cfm with 28 inches Hg. The tailgate is fully opening with a field-adjustable hinge and dual cylinders. Options include cold-weather recirculation package, sludge pump, auger unloading, body pressurization system, remote pendants and wireless remotes, high rail package, washdown system, stainless steel body and high-dump system. 888/442-7829;; Booth #6004.

Hi-Vac Corporation

The X-10 or X-15 hydroexcavator models from Hi-Vac Corporation virtually eliminate the risk of underground utility strikes. These versatile trucks are capable of hydroexcavation along with vacuum excavation, potholing, daylighting and more. The easy operation and simple maintenance required on the X-10/15 provides for maximum efficiency when on the job. They feature a state-of-the-art water pump and vacuum technology that combine to create ideal vacuum excavation power. 740/374-2306;; Booth #1362.

Joe Johnson Equipment

The Vactor HXX 15-yard, 1,200-gallon hydroexcavator from Joe Johnson Equipment is specially designed for cold weather operation. The company offers recent and up-to-date used and rental vehicles. 800/263-1262;; Booth #4250.

Keith Huber Corporation

The King Vac from Keith Huber Corporation combines two different loading principles – deep vacuum loading and high air conveyance – into one machine. Eight features have been redesigned to improve the overall operating efficiency. The versatile unit can perform a multitude of tasks including hydroexcavation, hazmat response, jetting, general industrial cleaning, and many other tasks in industries such as gas, oil and mining. 800/334-8237;; Booth #4115.

Presvac Systems Ltd.

The Hydrovac from Presvac Systems Ltd. is a versatile hydroexcavator designed for cold-weather operation, and is offered as an option to be in full compliance with DOT collection and transportation of hazardous materials. The high-vacuum blower allows extraction of all types of soils, gravel, rock, clay, water and silt. Material knock out features in the debris tank minimize carryover. Modular filtration configured to the blower size provides blower protection and minimal maintenance. It has a heavy-duty 8-inch boom (up to 25 feet long) with six-way hydraulic power and wireless controls for all boom functions, water pump (soft start), vacuum breaker and truck engine speed control. 800/387-7763;; Booth #5000.

Super Products

The Mud Dog 1200 from Super Products is a 12-yard-debris-capacity hydroexcavator featuring a rear-mounted boom capable of a 19- to 27-foot reach, 335-degree rotation, 45-degree upward and 25-degree downward pivot. This range allows crews to achieve greater work area access and deeper digging without the need to halt production to reposition the trunk. It uses ejector plate unloading technology, and its tilt-unloading feature ensures that liquids in the debris tank are cleared quickly and efficiently even when unloading in an up-slope/nose down position. Options include the Acculevel load sensor system that offers precise debris tank level measurement. 800/837-9711;; Booth #6238.

Tornado Hydrovacs

The F4 Slope hydrovac from Tornado Hydrovacs holds 13 cubic yards of mud and more than 2,100 gallons of freshwater. They feature a water tank from which you excavate, a mud tank to which the excavated spoils are held, a water pump, a boiler to heat the water, and a 3,600 to 6,300 cfm positive-displacement vacuum blower to pull the spoils to the tank via a boom. The boom has a 342-degree rotation and a 26-foot reach. All of the critical components are housed in an insulated and heated aluminum van body. The mud sweep enables operators to empty the tank without having to hoist it, eliminating the dangers of dumping on uneven ground and overhead power lines. 877/340-8141;; Booths #1417, #1418.


The X-Cavator from Vac-Con is designed to handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs. It is powerful, durable and easy to operate. It features a chassis engine with hydrostatic drive for the vacuum that is efficient because it’s less complicated and eliminates the need for PTO, clutch and gearbox operation. It also features water systems up to 4,000 psi, and a wireless remote control system that enables the operator to work the chassis engine rpm, boom, automatic vacuum breaker, dump controls and hydraulic door locks from remote areas up to 1/2 mile away. The boom rotates up to 270 degrees. 888/491-5762;; Booth #1190.


The Cusco Hydro-Trencher Excavator from Wastequip is designed for directional boring and removing liquids, sludge, slurries, mud, gravel and other solid waste materials. It’s ideal for excavating around fragile oil and gas pipelines, installing fiber optic cables, repairing utility lines or excavating in remote areas with limited access. It has dual 500 USG stainless steel vertical water tanks that separate water storage, maximizing weight distribution and providing corrosion resistance and safer dumping. Features include cyclonic filtration technology with vacuum system airflow ratings of 5,300 cfm that generate 28 inches Hg of vacuum, an 18 gpm, 3,000 psi wash pump and high-pressure waterjetting. 800/490-3541;; Booth #2259.


Boerger LLC

Mobile Rotary Lobe Pumps from Boerger LLC are self-priming, valveless, positive-displacement pumps used for rapid deployment of flood water, stormwater, domestic wastewater, industrial effluents and sludges, spill situations (oil, gasoline, diesel, etc.), digester and lagoon clean up. Twenty pump models in six series are offered with pulsation-free operation, fully reversible rotation, dry-run capabilities and flow rates up to 5,000 gpm. All wear parts can be easily replaced through the front cover, without the removal of pipe or drive systems. Suction and pressure hoses can be installed in minutes. 612/435-7300;; Booth #2461.

CEI – Chandler Equipment Inc.

The manifold of the Jurop RVC360 side-mount vacuum pump from CEI – Chandler Equipment Inc. can be disassembled, cleaned and reinstalled with minimal time and without a gasket and/or seal kit. Inflow of air into the final filter design was restructured to allow for effective capture of debris. The back-flow check valve was also redesigned to reduce if not eradicate replacement due to delaminating. It is ideal for applications requiring a vacuum pump, hi-vac tri-lobe blower or self-priming transfer pump. 800/342-0887;; Booth #4234.

General Pump

Specifically designed for sewer jetting, the General Pump MW Series offers five plunger sizes to cover flow ranges from 36 to 105 gpm and pressures up to 4,350 psi. It also features a movable gearbox with three ratio options, including an available SAE C hydraulic “plug and play” for hydrostatic drive units. The packings are water lubricated with a “run dry” teflon/graphite option available. 888/474-5487;; Booth #3207.


Prime Aire Plus pumps from Gorman-Rupp employ the same Venturi/compressor priming system as the Prime Aire line, but feature increased head, flow and enhanced maintenance features. Models feature up to 8-inch flanged discharge sizes, provide flows up to 4,950 gpm, heads to 475 feet, and are suitable for both clear liquids and those containing large solids. They are available coupled to the latest EPA Tier compliant engines or premium efficiency electric motors. 419/755-1011;; Booth #1239.


The HDP-MC high-pressure pump from Hammelmann is a compact, direct-driven 1,500 hp unit available with pressures to 43,500 psi and flows exceeding 785 gpm. It is built to operate at the continuous maximum duty stated in the performance parameters, and deliver high fluid efficiency. A complete line of accessories and 3-D tank cleaners are available. 800/783-4935;; Booth #3109.

Moro USA

The PM3000 liquid-cooled vacuum pump from Moro USA is capable of pumping nonvolatile liquids and sludge from long distances, with a suggested tank capacity of 3,000 to 6,000 gallons. It includes an integrated check valve, changeover valve, automatic oiling system, industrial-duty bearings, Viton seals and high-flow-rate asbestos-free spark-proof vanes. Its onboard liquid cooling system incorporates a forced circulation external water pump. It is capable of 43.5 psia and a continuous vacuum of 24 inches Hg, along with a flow rate of 1,000 cfm and 1,200 rpm rotating speed. It also features 4-inch flange connection. 800/383-6304;; Booth #3122.

Pat’s Pump & Blower

The Myers D65-20 high-pressure reciprocating plunger pump, distributed by Pat’s Pump & Blower, is capable of 65 gpm at 2,000 psi, and is used in a variety of applications from fire-fighting units, to high-pressure washdown systems, to sewer cleaning and hydroexcavating. It is a safe, reliable workhorse pump. 800/359-7867;; Booth #3012.

Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co.

The JSC Series solids-handling Enviroprime System pump from Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co. features heavy-duty cast-iron construction and ability to dry-prime and reprime automatically. The portable pump ranges in size from 3 to 18 inches, is designed for high flows to 11,000 gpm, and has a maximum head to 330 feet. The end-suction centrifugal pump ends can handle solids up to 4 inches, and are available coupled to the latest environmentally compliant engines or premium-efficiency electric motors. 386/767-7310;; Booth #6017.

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