The hand-held V-3000 Multi-Analyte Photometer from CHEMetrics can be used as a portable or bench-top water analyzer preprogrammed to test for over 40 calibrations using Vacu-vials self-filling reagent ampoules. V-3000, V-3000P (pH and ORP) and V-3000T (pH, ORP and turbidity) photometers offer simple menu-driven operation that guides the user through all measuring tasks with a large, easy-to-read LCD display. Its flexible design accepts 13, 16 and 28 mm cell sizes. Operator safety is ensured because there’s no sample preparation, mixing or chemical contact. It can store up to 100 data points (1,000 data points for the V-3000P and V-3000T) with date/time tags for later download to a lab computer or direct printing. Web-based updates are available, and the unit is European CE mark certified. It’s waterproof (IP67), lightweight and battery operated, with a rechargeable battery available. 800/356-3072;

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