The Ecam PRO 2 from Electric Eel allows users to quickly inspect 3- to 10-inch-diameter pipelines and locate a wide variety of pipeline problems. It has a stainless steel-housed 1.68-inch self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens, 20 LED light ring and high-resolution CCD element. A flexible camera spring navigates 3-inch P-traps. The auto iris adjusts lighting automatically. It provides an industry-standard 512 Hz sonde and has a 10.4-inch daylight-readable display with an on-screen footage counter, 16 pages of text writing with memory saves and click-touch controls with one-touch recording. Users can record directly to a USB flash. It has voiceover recording and audio/video out jacks, an 8X zoom function and adjustable light controls. It comes standard with 200 feet of braided fiberglass premium 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod, and powder-coated steel tube and bar construction with a secure-locking reel brake. It rolls on 8-inch wheels for easy maneuverability. 800/833-1212;

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