The Coneqtec-Universal HS-57 Series II is a heavy-duty hole saw skid-steer attachment that removes the collar and surrounding concrete and asphalt encasing manholes. It offers a 14 1/2-inch-deep cut, optional drum widths and optional centering arms for overlay projects. It has a heavy-duty hydraulic motor, and a breakout feature, meaning the loader arms stay positioned with a low center of gravity during operation and breakout. Its 45 carbide-tipped pics cut through concrete, asphalt and brick. A self-aligning hydraulic clamp attaches to the
collar and pulls the drum into the cut. A 57-inch-diameter hole cut is standard, with optional sizes available. The unit lifts the collar and surrounding layers of concrete/asphalt when the cut is finished, and it can be set/released onto a truck bed for disposal or broken free to reuse the collar. It requires a skid-steer with 25 gpm or higher hydraulics. 888/832-3462;

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