Stormwater system improvements have become a focal point for public utilities in recent years, and to that end, Advanced Drainage Systems has released a new stormwater pipe designed with superior strength and resistance in mind.

HPXR 75 is a large-diameter polypropylene pipe using fiberglass reinforcement for enhanced rigidity.

“The construction industry is seeking product options with improved service characteristics, installation durability and increased joint performance,” says Joe Chlapaty, chairman and CEO of Advanced Drainage Systems. “The HPXR 75 product line will directly address those needs.”

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The new pipe is available in diameters ranging from 30 to 60 inches and in 13- and 20-foot lengths. It’s made of corrugated polypropylene with a smooth interior and fiber-impregnated outer wrap, providing approximately 75 pii stiffness for all diameters.

“HPXR 75 allows for a broad range of backfill materials and installation conditions, reducing costs while increasing installation speed with confidence of consistent line and grade,” says Tori Durliat, director of marketing for Advanced Drainage Systems.  

According to Advanced Drainage Systems, all pipe dia-meters in the HPXR 75 product line have a 100-year-design service life. The watertight bell and spigot exceed ASTM D3212 (specifications on joints for plastic piping systems) and comply with ASTM F477 (covering elastomeric seals).

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“This exceptional pipe stiffness directly relates to superior results with less than ideal backfill, has exceptional joint performance, excellent manhole connections and easily handles construction loads,” Durliat says.

This new product was developed to improve upon previous product lines including N-12, HP, Nyloplast and StormTech. Advanced Drainage Systems says the pipe’s superior strength offers resistance to effects of hot soils, effluent and accumulated hydrogen sulfide gas typically found in sanitary sewer systems. 800/821-6710;

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