The Pathfinder Model TR3310 mainline inspection system from Aries Industries operates with long life in harsh pipe conditions. It’s a powerful, steerable tractor with a pan-and-tilt camera and self-cleaning lens. Forward weight distribution results in better traction for longer pulls and faster inspections. Continuous-duty-rated motors, all gear-driven drivetrain, and improved pressure testing ensure reliable operation. With various wheel sizes, it sets up quickly to match pipe contours. A standard-configuration tractor operates in 6- to 24-inch-diameter relined pipe. A large-line kit provides navigation in pipes up to 36 inches. An adjustable electric camera lift with a 7.1-inch extension keeps the camera centered in a wide range of pipe sizes for full visibility. It operates with the Aries Master Controller that enables wireless remote operation using a dual-joystick Xbox controller. 800/234-7205;

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