Truck Mounted PTO Series Vacuum Excavators from Vac-Tron Equipment include Hydro Truck Vac, which are available with 300- to 1,200–gallon debris tanks, 1,000 cfm blowers and 4-inch hose and tooling. The Jetter Truck Vac combines vacuum excavation with high-pressure jetter capabilities, with 1,000 cfm at 16 inches Hg vacuum blower, 800 to 1,200-gallon debris tanks, a 15 gpm at 3,000 psi jetter pump and 500 feet of 1/2-inch jetter hose. The Super Truck Vac is available with 500- to 1,200-gallon debris tanks, a 3,000 cfm PD vacuum blower and 6-inch hose and tooling. All come with a high-pressure water system, full hydraulic rear door, reverse pressure and Big Red filter housing that cleans air down to 0.5 microns. 888/822-8766;; Booth K233.

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