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RKI Instruments gas monitor
The GX-6000 gas monitor from RKI Instruments simultaneously monitors up to six gases, including combustibles, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. Two additional smart channels accept PIP, IR or other toxic gas sensors. Features include an internal sample pump, man-down and panic alarm, LED flashlight, and auto-rotating LCD display. The monitor operates as a single-gas PID unit or utilizing all six channels. The PID sensor comes equipped with a library of over 600 VOC gases. 800/754-5165;

Denso two-part epoxy pipeline coating cartridge
Protal 7900HT high-temperature, two-part epoxy pipeline coating from Denso North America is available in a 1,000 mL cartridge for air cartridge guns. The abrasion-resistant coating can be hand or spray applied in one coat in the field or shop to girth welds, tie-ins, fittings and existing pipelines. The cartridge has a maximum operating temperature of 302 degrees F and can provide a continuous service temperature up to 250 degrees F. 888/821-2300;

COXREELS exhaust hose reels
The 300 Series exhaust reels from COXREELS are designed extract exhaust fumes directly from the source of emission and maintain safe workplace air quality. The spring-driven reels store large diameter exhaust hose and mount to any wall, overhead and floor position. A heavy-duty frame provides stability, and reels are powder-coated for added durability. 800/269-7335;

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