The JM-3080 Jet-Set from General Pipe Cleaners gives you the increased cleaning power of 8 gallons of flow per minute without compromising your pump.

General Pipe Cleaners’ powerful JM-3080 Jet-Set water jet drain cleaning machine clears stubborn grease stoppages as well as lines clogged with sand, sludge and ice. This machine gives the operator the increased cleaning power of 8 gpm without risking pump damage if the water supply can’t match the pump demand.

A 12-gallon buffer tank mounted on its hefty 1 1/4-inch tubular frame gives the safety margin needed to use this high flow jet on larger more difficult lines. The tank extends the operating time as well. A low-water shut-off valve protects the pump until the tank has been refilled.

The 20 hp Honda engine with electric start drives a 3,000 psi/8 gpm pump through a 2-to-1 gear reducer. The pump features Vibra-Pulse on demand, to help the hose on long runs and around tight bends. A Cart Reel option allows the operator to use the higher power of the gas machine on remote or indoor applications.

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Standard safety features include a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, along with a backflow check valve and inlet filter. The JM-3080 comes complete with a toolbox, chemical injector and spray wand.

For details, call the Drain Brains at General Pipe Cleaners at 800/245-6200, or visit

General Pipe Cleaners, a division of General Wire Spring Co., is a manufacturer of high-quality drain cleaning equipment since 1930. General serves drain cleaning professionals and plumbing contractors, as well as facilities managers, the rental industry and the hardware/home center market. The Toughest Tools Down The Line.

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