The cost of jetting blind can be measured in dollars, hours and gallons of water. And while traditional inspection methods like CCTV are too slow and expensive to offset those costs, visual assessment technologies such as zoom cameras can help a cleaning crew understand pipe condition in fraction of the cost and time − without the use of additional water.

Zoom cameras offer a quick, inexpensive way to determine which pipes need to be cleaned, and how to clean them. A zoom camera uses focused illumination and high-powered zoom optics to view an entire pipe from an adjoining manhole. An operator simply lowers the camera into the manhole, and then zooms the full length of the pipe to assess condition. The visual assessment allows the operator to determine whether the pipe needs to be cleaned and what nozzle to use.

If the zoom assessment shows no grease, roots, debris or sludge, the line needs no jetting and the crew can move to the next manhole. Otherwise, the crew can select the best nozzle for the conditions found, with the assurance that an appropriate nozzle will clean the line in the shortest time, with minimal operating cost and water.

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This blog post is an excerpt from the whitepaper "Clean Sewers with Half the Water." Click here to read more.

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