Quick-Lock and ROVVER X teamed up recently to fix a large hole in a sewer pipe wall in Montana

During a demo, a Montana city presented a pipe to Luke Stewart and Jessie Carr of NorMont Equipment, cautioning that it was also inundated with offset joints, protruding taps, steep slopes, fractures and other challenges. The NorMont team demonstrated how the Quick-Lock point repair system could overcome these challenges to fix the hole.

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Normont prepared the repair equipment by trimming the Quick-Lock sleeve’s gasket, attaching the installation packer to the ROVVER X, and positioning the sleeve on the installation packer inside the manhole.

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The city jetted the line prior to installing the Quick-Lock repair sleeve.

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ROVVER X positioned the Quick-Lock repair sleeve at the hole, where compressed air was applied to expand the packer, locking the sleeve into place.

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The hole was repaired quickly and cost-effectively using the Quick-Lock point repair system. Kudos to NorMont Equipment for turning a very difficult situation into a great success.

Want to learn more? Request a free in-field demo, and learn why the Quick-Lock point repair sleeve is the solution of choice for many cities and rehab professionals.  

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