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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories pump automation controller
The SEL-2411P pump automation controller from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is a preconfigured SCADA-ready device built for unforgiving water and wastewater environments. Terminal labeling makes installation easy. The controller provides secure, user-accessible programming to facilitate system upgrades and expand functionality. It can monitor and control liquid levels for simplex, duplex or triplex applications in wells, reservoirs or lift stations. It can also control constant speed, variable speed and alternating pumps and is compatible with analog level sensors, floats or a combination of both. 509/336-2527;

Envirosight reference guide to sewer inspection and maintenance
Envirosight’s free guide to sewer inspection and maintenance serves as an introduction for industry newcomers. Sewer Maintenance 101: The Quick and the Dirty Guide to Sewer Inspection and Upkeep provides an overview of how a sewer system functions, how it’s inspected and how it’s maintained. It can serve as a tool for industry orientation or provide a refresher to employees already in the industry. 866/936-8476;

General Pipe Cleaners Flexicore closet augers
Flexicore closet augers from General Pipe Cleaners are made of two layers of tempered spring steel coiled tightly over a core of 49-strand wire rope for kink resistance. It has 3 feet of cable telescoped inside the guide tube, providing additional cable when needed. The optional down head follows the contours of the bowl and springs through sharply angled passages while protecting inner walls from chipping or breaking. Three vent holes let the auger dry in between jobs. 800/245-6200;

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Fuji Electric Spool Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Fuji Electric of America’s Spool Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter utilizes wetted sensors for precision accuracy, and offers a selectable panel position. It offers event-triggered alarms and configurable bidirectional range for both forward and reverse flow. If offers a backlit 16-digit, two-line LCD display and can be configured to present data in Japanese, English, German, French or Spanish. 732/560-9410;

Victaulic Style W257 dynamic movement joint
The Style W257 dynamic movement joint from Victaulic is preassembled and reduces installation complexity to threaded rod installations of the AWWA M11 harness and C219 bolted sleeve-type joints. It can accommodate differential settlement and seismic movement in large-diameter piping systems and is composed of Victaulic’s AGS Flexible Coupling Style W77. The couplings are self-aligning and provide a visual confirmation of proper assembly from the metal-to-metal bold pad contact. The joint is available in 14- to 78-inch DN350 to DN1950 sizes and is designed to be direct buried, utilizing epoxy coating compliant with NSF61 and AWWA C210, and stainless steel hardware. 610/559-3300;

StoneAge Tools AutoPacks
AutoPacks from StoneAge Tools are available for the ABX-3L and ABX-2L triple- and dual-lance tube cleaning systems. The self-contained automated equipment kits contain all the components and accessories needed to perform fully automated heat exchanger cleaning. Features include customized storage inserts to allow for quick visual inventory management and a job box to protect equipment, simplify transport and minimize setup time. 970/259-2869;

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