The company sent supplies to Texas and is also donating a portion of nozzle sales to Harvey and Irma victims

With its home base in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Shamrock Pipe Tools is familiar with the devastation a hurricane can bring. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, residents of Texas provided a lot of aid to Louisianans. The team at Shamrock decided to do the same recently after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

On Aug. 30, Shamrock developed a plan to help out families displaced from their daily routines by the storm. The company got in contact with the Cajun Navy, the informal volunteer group that formed to help out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and came together again to assist Harvey victims. Through the Cajun Navy, Shamrock located a convoy heading to Texas and offered the volunteers two Sprinter vans filled with supplies.

The convoy left Baton Rouge early Aug. 31, headed for Port Arthur, Texas, which is about 90 miles east of Houston. The storm had already moved north by that time, but water was still rising in the area and flooding was rampant, making many roads inaccessible. Due to the flooding, the Red Cross was unable to supply its emergency shelters with food and water. Despite the flooding, the convoy was able to find a way to safely make it to one shelter to deliver supplies.

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Shamrock is continuing its support of the victims of Hurricane Harvey, as well as those affected in Florida by Hurricane Irma. The company is currently donating 10 percent of each storm drain nozzle purchase to the victims. Visit

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