Sioux’s Steam-Flo steam generators increase production by transferring heat fast and are rugged, compact, and easy to operate.

Sioux’s Steam-Flo steam generators are a top choice for curing pipe liners. The Steam-Flo increases production by transferring heat faster than hot-water curing or ambient curing. The steam cure system increases efficiency with faster setup and reduces water usage and sewer system pollution. Steam curing reduces the risk of liner failure due to heating the liner too quickly or too slowly. Sioux’s LowNox Steam-Flo also meets California’s South Coast Air Quality standards. Sioux has been designing and building low-pressure steam generators since 1939. These units are rugged, compact, and easy to operate. There are many different mounting options available, including completely self-contained trailer-mounted systems for remote applications. Sioux specializes in application-specific designs and has the capabilities to design the exact piece of equipment you need. 877/763-4039;

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