Los Angeles Boasts the Largest Sewer System in the U.S.

Los Angeles Boasts the Largest Sewer System in the U.S.

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While New York City's sewer system is extensive and well-known, the largest sewer system in the United States is indeed in Los Angeles. Los Angeles operates the largest unified sewer system in the country, covering over 6,700 miles of sewer lines and serving approximately 4 million residents.

The Los Angeles sewer system, managed by the city's Bureau of Sanitation, handles both wastewater and stormwater, ensuring that the city's needs are met efficiently. This system processes about 350 million gallons of wastewater daily, flowing through four major wastewater treatment plants.

Maintaining the largest sewer system involves significant infrastructure management, including regular inspections, maintenance and upgrades to accommodate the growing population and prevent environmental hazards. Advanced technologies like real-time monitoring and remote inspections are employed to keep this vast network running smoothly, showcasing the critical role of urban infrastructure in supporting large metropolitan areas.


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