Municipal Sewer & Water: Virtual Training - Call for Presentations

Municipal Sewer & Water is actively looking for partners to present virtual education sessions. Virtual Training is a regularly scheduled online education series that covers topics on business, sewer and drain, municipal work, onsite septic systems, portable sanitation and plumbing. Registration for these live events is free of charge.

Wastewater service companies and municipalities should be considered the primary audience of any presentation. Sessions will only be considered if they are noncommercial in nature and apply to a broad audience in the wastewater field(s). Promotion of specific products or processes only afforded through use of a specific product will not be accepted. These trainings will be pre-recorded prior to sharing them with our audience. You may submit a pre-recorded session to us or we can assist you in the recording process. Presentations shall not exceed 30-40 minutes and may use PowerPoint, videos, screen-sharing and other digital presentation methods. Contact Brad Bisnette at 866-933-2653 or if you have any questions.


Preferred Presentation Time