Complete Sectional Lining Equipment Package (#94949)

Complete sectional lining equipment package including, 1995 Aries grout van converted to camera/cutter van, Cobra touch program, Cobra crawler, extra Cobra pan/tilt zoom camera, Bowman dominator robotic cutter, on board van air compressor. 1984 Sewer Equipment of America jet truck, 60 GPM @ 2,000 PSI, with many nozzles, root cutter, wart hog, 8” diamond tap cutter core saw. 20 ft enclosed wet out trailer with 4 sleeve installers, roll fiberglass lining material, silicate resin all material needed for placing sectional liners. 3” trash pump, with 500 feet hoses, plugs alarm, everything needed to bypass 8” thru 12” lines, tripod, harness, air quality monitor, 2 air blowers, 2 winch machines for pulling liners. Complete package for cleaning, filming, place liners 8” and 10” dia x up to 10 ft length. Extra repair parts. Asking $165,000 OBO. Contact Steve Tothe for more details 970-903-9104. (M03)


Location Pagosa Springs , CO