DBE Subcontracting Opportunities (#91448)

DBE SUBCONTRACTING OPPORTUNITIES SOUTH COAST WATER DISTRICT SEWER TUNNEL STABILIZATION AND PIPELINE REPLACEMENT PROJECT South Coast Water District located in Laguna Beach, California will be releasing a construction bid for Phase 4 of its “Tunnel Stabilization and Sewer Pipeline Replacement Project”. This project is funded by a loan from the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Program. As such, State and Federal Requirements including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) participation and Davis-Bacon prevailing wages (California, if California wages are higher) apply to the project. Categories for DBE subcontractor and supplier opportunities include concrete and shotcrete, rebar and structural steel, sewer pipe, spoil and waste hauling, surveying, security, and office supplies. Under the SRF Loan requirements, Contractors bidding on the District’s project must demonstrate a good faith effort to hire DBE firms. Please note, DBE firms will not be contracting directly with the District. To learn more about the Project and the contractors approved to bid on the Project, you can visit the District’s website at SCWD.org/bids, to register and view information on the Project. You can also email questions to mgeer@scwd.org. (M04)


Location Laguna Beach, CA