The Latest on Display

Last Pumper & Cleaner Expo in Louisville features a wide range of new products for municipal and utility applications
The Latest on Display

The 31st Annual Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International closed a four-year run in Louisville with 3,644 companies, cities and utilities represented and 8,286 total attendees. The Expo moves to Indianapolis for 2012, running Feb. 27 to March 1 at the Indiana Convention Center.

The 2011 Expo offered a full slate of educational seminars spread over three days and included 477 exhibits of new and familiar products and technologies. Here is a sampling of the new offerings on display for municipal and utility professionals in charge of cleaning and maintaining underground infrastructure:


Versatile vacuum truck

The Baron industrial vacuum truck from Keith Huber combines the safety and deep vacuum power of a liquid ring pump with high airflow and quiet operation. It fills a need for highway transportation of larger payloads.

The truck offers high power with innovative vacuum and filtration technology in an operator-friendly package that is conservatively priced. The liquid ring pump makes it safe to use in pumping hydrocarbons. The unit’s light weight allows for larger payloads. A standard remote control allows operation away from the control cabinet. 228/832-0992;


Wireless base station

The K2 Summit wireless base station portable video inspection from CUES includes a compact, lightweight, weatherproof enclosure that mounts in an ATV, pickup truck, trailer or van. Wireless control enables operation of the system from any angle at a distance up to 100 feet. A partition separates the video cable reel with tractor and camera storage from the power control unit, monitor, and computer-based data acquisition system. The system operates all CUES wheeled and tracked transporters to accommodate inspection of pipes from 6 to 200 inches. All controllers, the TV monitor, and power control are rack-mounted to maximize ergonomic operation and are protected by a sealed, lockable hatch. 800/327-7791;


Three-stage fan system

The AllJetVac combination sewer cleaner from Vacall uses a three-stage fan system for high vacuum performance and reliability at reduced cost. The vacuum and jetting system lets users cost-effectively open clogged sewer lines and remove debris.

The AllSmartFlow CAN bus control system lets operators make precise adjustments in boom movement. Units are available with 6- to 12-cubic-yard debris tanks and 1,000- to 1,500-gallon water tanks. The 8-foot 6-inch extending boom has 320-degree rotation. Blower and water pump choices include an 85 gpm/2,000 psi water pump with 30-minute run-dry guarantee. 330/339-2211; www.vacall


Lateral launch system

The LISY 3.0 lateral launcher from RapidView IBAK North America includes an articulating launcher mounted on a crawler with multiple wheelsets and high-strength folding waterproof connector. The lateral camera includes pan-and-tilt capability and an L-stick that allows steering around fittings. Cable protection helps avoid cable damage and repair. Auxiliary lighting with super-bright LEDs is available for lines up to 24 inches. The system is expandable for 6- to 48-inch mainlines. 800/ 656-4225;


Pavement cutter

The PRO-CUTTER Model 1060 from Cretex Specialty Products reduces the labor required to remove a manhole frame from asphalt or concrete pavement. It quickly cuts a 60-inch round hole using carbine or diamond bits. The system mounts to a heavy-duty skid-steer or track loader. Electric-over-hydraulic controls operated by joystick-mounted pushbuttons simplify operation. The device also has an adjustable automatic feed rate and internal guards for safe operation. 800/345-3764;


Manhole repair trailer

The Sewer Manhole Masters trailer from Standard Cement is designed for on-the-spot repairs of manholes, lift stations and stormwater pipes and can be used for pipeline abandonment, cement mortar placement, and cement slurry fill. Equipment comes mounted on a 20-foot, 12,000-pound GVW trailer with 7,000-pound axle capacity. Equipment includes an S5G cement pump with 18 hp Honda engine and 11 cfm air compressor and BG Stone mixer with 5.5-cubic-foot capacity. 888/278-1337;


Enhanced vacuum truck

The Guzzler NX vacuum truck from Guzzler Mfg. has been redesigned to enhance productivity and achieve a more attractive price. The cyclone and baghouses are configured together to maximize efficiency and reduce overall weight. An increased filter area and offline cleaning extend bag life while forcing carryover back to the debris tank. Seventy-two 70-inch bags provide a low 4:1 air-to-cloth ratio, keeping the system clean and filtered for reliable performance and high productivity.

The truck carries a Robuschi blower delivering 5,435 cfm with vacuum capability to 28 inches Hg. The blower, combined with simple air routing, makes more air available at the hose inlet and so moves more material. The large blower lets users load more material at a lower engine rpm, conserving fuel and reducing noise. The truck has a Tested Operating Sound Level of 88.9 dB per SAE J1372 test. 815/672-3171;


Hydrostatic drive

The PFT-PCH/3000 transmission from OMSI Transmissions is designed for trucks from 26 to 42 tons and offers torque-mechanical drive of 30,000 Nm, torque-hydrostatic drive of 9,200 Nm, and power-pump output of 380 kW. The transmission has multiple outputs available, including a creep drive for high-rail vehicle applications.

The reduction box has a mounting flange for a hydraulic motor that connects to a pump operated by the diesel engine or from the transmission, permitting the conversion, in a working load at low speed, of the vehicle’s traction from mechanical to hydrostatic. A wide range of ratios up to 14.6 allows very low speed and the opportunity to use a small-displacement hydro motor or electric motor, keeping a high-output torque during hydrostatic drive. 330/405-7530;


Turbo chain cutter

The S400 turbo chain cutter from USB-Sewer Equipment Corp. includes user-friendly attachments including a chain retainer, barrel cutter and mineral deposit cutters to remove roots, protruding laterals and hard deposits from sewers. A continuously adjustable guide skid accommodates pipes from 8 to 15 inches, and up to 24 inches with an additional expansion kit.

High-performance turbine technology and sealed bearings deliver extremely high torque and rotation speed. The mostly stainless steel tool is lightweight and low maintenance, requiring no lubrication. Operators can handle the tool easily and can quickly change attachments in the field. The cutter can be used with recycled water. 770/984-8880;


Water-recycling cleaner

The CAP-RECY sewer cleaner from Cappellotto recycles jetting water as it cleans the pipe. The system reduces refills for clean water, limiting cleaning downtime.

The truck can work without shutting off secondary lines and can operate with high water volume in sewers. Multistep filtration removes impurities from recycled water and safeguards the high-pressure water pump.


Lateral junction seal

The Cosmic TOP-HAT system securely seals the junction between sewer laterals and mainlines. The system includes repair robots, applicators, and a seamless insert laminate, allowing pipes to be rehabilitated from the inside in a few simple steps. The glass fiber laminate liner cures in seven minutes using UV light. 424/288-9053;


Pump package

Duplex grinder pump packages from Liberty Pumps are available in sizes to fit applications from residential to small municipal. The factory-assembled systems are controlled by the IP-Series intelligent panel with floatless technology. The D3648-Series (shown) includes a 36- by 48-inch (depth) fiberglass basin with two 2 hp grinder pumps. 800/543-2550;


Sewer pipe plugs

High Performance municipal pipe plugs from Sava are designed for use where higher backpressures are present or whenever a robust, heavy-duty plug is desirable. The plugs can be used with protective sleeves to achieve the thickest available rubber for difficult situations. A variety of sizes and flow-through designs are available. 386/760-0706;


Wheeled lateral camera

The wheeled Lateral Evaluation Television System (LETS) from Aries Industries enables mainline and lateral inspections in challenging conditions. It combines robust pulling capability with fast and efficient camera launching. A 4- or 6-wheel steerable drive design helps negotiate debris in 8-inch and larger pipes. Various wheel styles and sizes are available to suit pipe conditions. Two high-resolution cameras provide video detail on mainlines and laterals. The lateral camera is easily retrieved with an automatic rewind reel. 800/ 234-7205;


Green jetting truck

An 800-HPR truck jet with the Eco Jet System, built by Sewer Equipment Co. of America for the City of Fort Wayne, Ind., has a hybrid-drive chassis from International designed to conserve fuel both in road travel and on job sites.

Regenerative braking charges a battery system that provides power assist to the engine during travel and also enables the crew to shut off the engine during job setup, using battery power when laying out traffic control, deploying the hose reel, extending the hose, affixing nozzles, and jetting at up to 30 gpm. 847/729-3316;


Carbide cutter

Carbide-tipped root cutters from Cloverleaf Tool Co. have carbide teeth and carbide grit for cutting PVC taps or roots from sewer lines. 941/739-0707;


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