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May Product News
General Equipment Offers Gas-Powered Ventilators

New Pig Introduces Form-A-Funnel Oil Draining Tool

The Heavy Duty Form-A-Funnel draining tool from New Pig Corp. is made to guide oil from large vehicles into oil drains for no-mess oil changes. The tool bends to fit into tight spaces and holds any shape. Edges can be molded around large filters and drains to create a leakproof seal. The funnels feature a moldable aluminum alloy core covered by a thick layer of pliable nitrile rubber. The chemical-resistant funnel can withstand temperatures up to 425 degrees F. Measuring 22 by 8.6 inches, the funnel can be used for servicing large diesel trucks, heavy equipment, generators and emergency compressors. 800/468-4647;


Fibergrate Offers Containment Pans

The fiberglass spill containment system from Fibergrate Composite Structures is designed to protect workers and the environment against contamination from spills at oil and gas well sites. The system features a uniform flat surface for the placement of heavy mobile drilling rigs, frac and other equipment, while providing a trip-free environment for workers. The system includes a large pan created from a matrix of fiberglass reinforcement embedded in a corrosion-resistant resin and covered with traffic-bearing, slip-resistant, high-load molded grating. The modular system enables multiple pans to be set up in various arrangements. 972/250-1633;


PumpBiz Introduces Propane-Powered Pump

The PortaPump propane-powered pump from PumpBiz Inc. is designed to remove standing water from golf course bunkers and fairways, flooded parking lots, sidewalks, or drain water from pits that need to be excavated because of pipe breakage or root damage. Able to pump up to 2,000 gph, the one-person unit is powered by a Honda 4-stroke, 35 cc engine. A larger unit, able to pump up to 16,800 gph is available. 800/786-7249;


AIT Introduces INVU Pipe Camera

The INVU portable pipe camera system from Advanced Inspection Technologies can inspect heat exchanger tubes, septic lines and tanks, boiler tubes, steam lines and other applications. The handheld miniature push camera system includes a 25-foot spring cable for inspecting pipes with multiple angles. The 7-pound camera can snake through 1-inch openings. The system can be connected to virtually any video or recording device through a standard composite video output, as well as a laptop or portable DVR. 321/610-8977;


Vac-Con Introduces Natural-Gas-Powered Truck

The Compressed Natural Gas truck by Vac-Con features a CNG-powered auxiliary-mounted engine that powers the truck’s water system. The combination high-pressure water and vacuum cleaning system is mounted on a Freightliner Business Class M2 112V CNG chassis. The truck has an Allison 3000RDLS transmission and 2,500-square-inch windshield for enhanced visibility. 888/491-5762;


Mr. Manhole Introduces Plug-In Teeth

Plug-in teeth for the Mr. Manhole Six Shooter enable worn or damaged cutting teeth to be replaced on the job site without cutting or welding. The new carbide teeth also provide longer cutting life and improved concrete cutting. 419/229-3015;


StoneAge Introduces 40,000 psi Tube Cleaner

The Banshee BN13-40k rotary tube cleaner from StoneAge Tools Inc. is designed to clean tubes 5/8- to 1-inch in diameter at pressure up to 40,000 psi. The tool features OS2 Sapphire nozzles and two replaceable head models. 866/795-1586;


KROHNE Introduces WATERFLUX 3070 Water Meter

The battery-driven, stand-alone WATERFLUX 3070 water meter from KROHNE has an accuracy of 0.2 percent. It can be equipped with a data logger and optional wireless communication (GSM) modem. 800/356-9464;


General Equipment Offers Gas-Powered Ventilators

GP8 and GP8H portable gas-powered air ventilation blowers from General Equipment Co. are made to remove toxic gases from confined workspaces. The blowers deliver airflow of 1,561.6 cfm or 1,066 cfm with two 90-degree bends in the hose. Both models are made of heavy-gauge aluminum and steel. Weighing 56 pounds, the GP8 has a 3.5 hp, 3,600 rpm Briggs & Stratton engine, while the GP8H has a 3.5 hp, 3,600 rpm Honda engine. An adjustable governor with manual speed control enables the operator to vary the blower volume as needed. 800/533-0524;


Metrotech Offers HL10 Water Leak Detector

The HL10 handheld acoustic water leak location device from Vivax-Metrotech Corp. offers acoustic and visible values for leak survey and leak pin-pointing. The locator has three filter settings for background noise suppression. Features include an LED light for use in low light areas and wind-protected GM 80 ground microphone. 800/446-3392;


Vacall Introduces Sewer Cleaner Series

Three new series of Vacall AllJet Vac combination sewer cleaners from Gradall Industries Inc. feature an oval-shaped debris body with cylindrical sides, AllSmartFlow CANbus control system with programmable LCD display and telescopic booms. New P Series models feature a front-mounted hose reel with optional axial pivot for multi-directional productivity. F Series models have a three-stage fan system, while R Series models feature a rear-mounted hose reel and boom. 800/382-8302;


Val-Matic Introduces High-Pressure Plug Valves

High-pressure Cam-Centric plug valves from Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp. are available in sizes 3 through 24 inches. The body, cover and plug are made of ductile iron, rated for 250 psi with ANSI 125-pound drilling. The valves feature 316 stainless steel shaft bearing and welded overlay nickel seat for a tight seal and long life. 630/941-7600;


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