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Trailer-mounted jetters

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Trailer-mounted jetters

Max Flow trailer-mounted jetters from Amazing Machinery are available with a single jetter hose for large lines or dual jetter hose for large and small lines. The single-hose system operates with 1/2-inch hose while the dual jetter operates with 3/8- to 1/2-inch hose. All models are equipped with a rear-mounted 12V electric jetter hose reel. The jetters include curbside-mounted jetting controls, water fill tube and fender-mounted toolbox, heavy-duty trailer, compact design, and large water supply tank. 800/504-7435;


New reels

The DM1 75 upright drain machine fromDuracable Manufacturing is available with 18-, 23- or 27-inch hose reels. It operates in both horizontal and vertical positions and the 22 1/2-inch-wide frame fits through narrow door-ways. Options include built-in stair climber, built-in toolbox, adjustable handle, standard safety air foot pedal, and power cable feed and return. 800/247-4081;


Enhanced vacuum truck

The Guzzler NX vacuum truck from Guzzler Mfg. has been redesigned to enhance productivity at lower cost. The cyclone and baghouses are configured together to maximize efficiency and reduce overall weight. An increased filter area and offline cleaning extend bag life while forcing carryover back to the debris tank. Seventy-two 70-inch bags provide a low 4:1 air-to-cloth ratio, keeping the system clean and filtered for reliable performance and high productivity.

The truck carries a Robuschi blower delivering 5,435 cfm with vacuum capability to 28 inches Hg. The blower, combined with simple air routing, makes more air available at the hose inlet and so moves more material. The large blower lets users load more material at a lower engine rpm, conserving fuel and reducing noise. The truck has a tested operating sound level of 88.9 dB per SAE J1372 test. 815/672-3171;


Combo unit

The Aquatech B-10 combination jet/vac truck from Hi-Vac Corp. features single-engine design for lower fuel and maintenance costs, rear-mounted hose reel, and 360-degree top-loading rotating boom. The low center of gravity makes full loads more stable, while the self-cleaning tanks are corrosion- and abrasion-resistant. The air/vacuum system has an operating capacity of 2,700 cfm and a 204-inch water column. Options include extended boom, pneumatic foot control for one-man operation, and lockable vacuum tubes. An internal boom allows for pickup of materials above and below water. 740/374-2306;


Closed-loop wash trailer

The No Water Wasted wash trailer from Hydro Tek makes it possible to wash with high-pressure hot water, recover that hot water, and filter it back into the bulk water tank for reuse. This keeps the unfiltered water from draining into waterways. The closed-loop, self-contained mobile wash system is powered by a gasoline or diesel engine on the hot-water pressure washer. No additional generator is needed. The recycle system vacuums up the wash water and sends it through several stages of filtration. Water reuse makes it well suited for drought areas or remote locations where access to water is limited. The trailer carries up to 400 gallons. 800/274-9376;


Vacuum loader

The LEDWELL LH-3300 vacuum loader from Ledwell & Son offers a 3,300-gallon carbon steel single-compartment tank that is ASME/DOT certified. The tank has a hydraulic-operated full-opening rear door with 6-inch air-operated rear discharge. Rear work lights and LED rear and side marker lights provide visibility at night. Options include high-pressure wash-down capacity, multicompartment capability, tri-axle body design and variable tank capacity. The package includes a DOT rear bumper with sealed aluminum taillight boxes. 888/533-9355;


Vacuum tank

The HTE 110-barrel (4,620-gallon) steel vacuum tank from Heritage Truck Equipment features 1/4-inch SA-36 steel walls with 5/16-inch flanged and dished heads, three full-reinforced baffles with crawl hole, and full-length double-leg sills with 2-inch, no-slip grooved rubber cushion. Other features include industrial-coated steel trays with hose tie downs, industrial-coated tank carriage, and rear-mounted dual oversized hose hangers.

The tank has a Fruitland RCF500 vacuum pump Eliminator package with integrated filter, 12-inch low-profile primary shut-off with 3-inch hose connection, and 10-gallon secondary moisture trap with 3-inch hose connection. It has top- and rear-access manways, heavy-duty oil field bumpers with storage compartments, stainless steel tray-mounted toolbox, epoxy-coated interior, heated valve collars, dual rear-center 4-inch load/discharge bronze level valve, and dual front-side 4-inch load/discharge level valves. The unit also includes an inspection port at the top of the tank, three rear 5-inch sight glasses, a 1-inch front-mounted sight tube, SeeLevel Annihilator tank volume indicator, tank access ladders, and strobe light package. 330/699-4491;


Complete vacuum truck

The tri-axle Mack vacuum truck from LMT comes complete with the ST package, which includes two brass lever valves with CAM fittings. Baffles on the 4,000-gallon unit are made of 1/4-inch carbon steel. The tank rests on full-length rails and has full-length removable hose trays, a rung-style ladder, 20-inch top hatch, and 12-inch hose hangers. The hose trays, lower-portion tank side and lower-portion tank rear can be treated with a polymer spray-on protective coating.

Standard components include a 3-inch load valve, 4-inch discharge valve, three 5-inch sight eyes, vacuum relief valve, pressure relief valve, and primary and secondary shut-off valves. Its full-light package consists of side markers, tail and back, a three-light cluster, and two rear-mounted work lights. Optional features include heavy-duty step bumper, 3-inch 400 cfm oil catch muffler, and 40 hp Curtis right-angle gearbox connected to a Jurop LC420 liquid-cooled pump with a full-cross frame pump stand. 800/545-0174;


Sewer flusher

The 4,000-gallon two-compartment aluminum tank with front hoist and full-open rear door from Progress Tank is equipped for sewer flushing and liquid waste service. The unit carries a Robuschi RB-DV85 cfm high-vacuum blower and Cat 3560 25 gpm/3,000 psi plunger pump. The hydraulic-driven pump packages allow both to operate independently or simultaneously on a continuous-duty basis. Additional options include air-operated inlet and discharge valves, heated collars, base wireless remote system to control pump engagement, valve operations, and emergency truck engine shutdown. The unit also includes heavy-duty oil field front and rear bumpers. 800/467-5600;


Jetter reels

Reelcraft’s large-frame jetter reels are designed for various high-pressure applications that require the added strength and stability of a heavy-duty frame and spool assembly. They can accommodate up to 1,000 feet of 1-inch I.D. hose. Pressures range from 3,000 to 10,000 psi with a temperature range of 22 to 225 degrees F. Motor mounting options include right/left, front/back or direct drive. Options include hydraulic, pneumatic, 12V DC or 24V DC electric motor. A direct-drive option eliminates a chain or sprocket and the related maintenance. The frame is constructed of industrial-grade tubular steel, and the spool has a welded wrapper and 3/16-inch spun heads. Hose pinch points have been reduced by incorporating an external hose mounting point so the hose makes a smooth transition onto the spool. Heavy-duty cast guide assembly aides in guiding the hose back onto the spool evenly. The assembly arm can be positioned out of the way and locked when reel is not in use. Components are individually powder-coated for maximum corrosion resistance. 800/444-3134;


Trailer jetter

The High Flow Ultimate Warriortrailer jet from Spartan Tool delivers up to 4,000 psi/35 gpm for pipes up to 24 inches. It comes with 600-gallon water tanks and is fully compliant with all NATM standards. The full-body enclosure creates a quiet jetter and keeps key components warm, dry and out of the elements. The jetter comes with an 84 hp turbo-charged Kubota engine and Giant pump. 800/435-3866; www.spartan


Easy maneuverability

The Mud Dog 650 hydroexcavator from Super Products carries a 6.5-cubic-yard debris dump body and a 500-gallon freshwater tank. It is designed in response to the growing need for a smaller truck-mounted unit. A single-engine design reduces fuel and maintenance costs. The water system delivers up to 2,500 psi/10 gpm while the 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system provides airflow of 3,600 cfm/18 inches Hg. 800/837-9711;

Extreme weather hydroexcavator The Supervac 6400 hydroexcavator from Supervac 2000 has a 3,000-gallon carbon steel debris tank, 6,400 cfm/27 inches Hg vacuum pump, double-wall insulated 1,250-gallon water tank, two cyclones and cartridge filter, 6,000 psi/10 gpm water pump and 26-foot-radius hydraulic boom. Other features include hydraulic door locks, insulated enclosure (less than 85 dBA), recirculation water pump, and 100-foot hose reel capacity. The system is designed to operate in extreme weather conditions. 866/839-5702;


Single-compartment tank

The 3,000-gallon single-compartment tank with antisurge baffles from Truck Works has 20-inch manways, 20-inch rear cleanouts, primary moisture trap, 3- to 5-inch sight eyes, and full-length hose trays with drains. The tank has a diesel-powered vacuum system using a Masport HXL15WV pump and a 30 hp Kubota engine. Mounted on a roll-off skid undercarriage, it comes with front and rear rollers, front hook, rear platform and tie-downs. 602/233-3713;


High-pressure jetting

US Jetting 3040 high-pressure, high-flow jettingunits produce 3,000 psi/40 gpm. Higher water pressure enables better root cutting and grease removal in sanitary sewer lines without mechanical cutters. The units clean storm drains up to 24 inches and are available on tandem-axle trailers or can be custom mounted on a truck chassis. Powered by a 99 hp Kubota turbocharged diesel, units are available with 650- or 750-gallon water tanks. Standard units are equipped with 500 feet of 3/4-inch hose mounted on a seven-position swivel reel. Trailer units can be pulled with a 3/4-ton pickup. A wide range of fixed or rotary nozzles is available. 800/538-8464;


Blasting nozzle

The Antiblaster nozzle 3D from USB – Sewer Equipment Corporation is designed for cleaning shallow sewer lines and lines close to homes. Made from tempered stainless steel, the nozzle uses Advanced Optimized 3-D Hydro Mechanics that allow water from a pressurized hose to be smoothly turned around the nozzle chamber and guided into the ceramic nozzle inserts by five axial CNC precision-machined channels, rather than tubes or grooves. The angle of jet incidence reduces the risk of blowing toilets. The unit delivers a minimum of 30 gpm at a 3/4-inch hose connection and a maximum of 80 gpm at a 1-inch hose connection. The nozzle can be used with recycled water. 866/408-2814;


Two-engine truck

The Vac-Con combination truck features a two-engine design where the chassis engine runs the vacuum and auxiliary engine runs the independent water system. The three-stage centrifugal compressor offers fast loading and power. The automatic vacuum breaker shut-off system increases operator safety and prevents overfilling of the tank.

The Corten steel debris tank is rust- and corrosion-resistant. Hydraulic door locks and grabber allow for easy unloading of liquids and solids. The hydraulic boom rotates up to 270 degrees and telescopes from six to 10 feet. The truck includes a front-mounted control panel or optional Omnibus CAN system. A hydraulically operated front-mounted hose reel provides more maneuverability of the jet-rodding hose. Polyethylene water tanks hold 500 to 1,500 gallons. 888/491-5762;


Combination sewer cleaner

AllJetVac P Series combination sewer cleaners from Vacall use a positive displacement blower system powered by the chassis engine rather than a second engine, reducing fuel consumption, service time and emissions while holding down cost. Standard aluminum water tanks and optional galvanized debris tanks have 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-cubic-yard capacities; 1,000-, 1,200- and 1,500-gallon water tanks are available. The series has a front-mounted pivoting hose reel and 8-foot 6-inch extending boom with 180-degree rotation. Rear-mounted boom and hose reel design and fan blower models are available. 330/339-2211;


Increased vacuum performance

Designed for cleaning storm lines and sanitary sewers, the Vactor 2100 Plus from Vactor Manufacturing features increased vacuum performance and improvements to operator comfort and control, air routing and filtration efficiency, and fuel efficiency. The machine delivers enough power to clean larger storm lines and keep debris out of the ecosystem. An Integrated Smart Truck concept includes internal monitoring systems that enable the operator to monitor and troubleshoot flow and pressure, blower temperature and oil level, system idle and open vacuum relief.

The Jet Rodder water pump delivers maximum continuous flow and pressure with minimal wear. The standard multiflow system allows the operator to dial in the most effective pressure for the application while using less fuel. Additional features include an easy-load, fast-dump debris body, Modul-Flex design system, and positive displacement vacuum and fan platforms. 800/627-3171;


Multistage sewer cleaner

The All/Jet/Vac combination sewer cleaner from Vacuum Sales offers a multistage vacuum filtration system, reducing maintenance and extending performance. It isavailable with positive displacement vacuum pumps that deliver 16 to 27 inches Hg. The water system delivers up to 3,000 psi/50 to 100 gpm. Options include a front-mounted hose reel, telescoping boom, nonrust aluminum tanks, rugged debris body, control panel, decant offload, and customized tailgate designs. 800/547-7790;


Pressure washer

The skid-style Honda engine-powered hot water pressure washer from Water Cannon is customizable with ratings from 3,000 to 4,200 psi. Completely self-contained with a 15-gallon fuel tank and 12- or 15-volt battery encased in a marine-duty battery box, it requires no external power. The 12-volt unit includes a 20 amp charging system, while the 15-volt model includes a 2,400-watt generator. Standard with all models is a rugged, low-profile, powder-coated frame designed for versatile installation. Schedule 80 coil heats water immediately using minimal fuel. The pressure washer comes with stainless steel coil wrap, burner hood and Beckett burners. A 3VX belt system with four laser-aligned belts offers balanced power transfer. Accessories include four color-coded spray nozzles and a color-coded chemical nozzle. 800/333-9274;


Combo units

RAMVAC 2600 and 3600 combination sewer cleaners from Sewer Equipment Co. of America are available as trailer-mounted orhooklift units. Features include 320-degree rotating boom and three-stage cyclonic filtration. The 2600 offers a 1,400 cfm blower mated to a 4-inch hose system and a triplex water pump that delivers 40 gpm/2,000 psi. The 3600 offers a 3,000 cfm blower mated to a 6-inch hose system and a triplex water pump that delivers 40 gpm/2,000 psi. 800/323-1604;


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