December Product News

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December Product News
Asahi Introduces Crack-Resistant Polyethylene Pipe

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Meunier Introduces Vortex Grit Removal System

The Mectan V induced vortex grit removal system from John Meunier Inc., a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, is engineered to remove a range of particle sizes in municipal wastewater pretreatment applications. The system features multiple outlet channel positioning options, low headloss, energy savings and smaller carbon footprint. The optimized paddle mixer design delivers optimum grit removal while limiting the accumulation of organics in the grit well. The vortex grit removal zone is separated from the flow outlet zone by a steel disc in the tank. 888/638-6437;


Patterson Offers Pump Leveling Device

The laser large coordinate measuring device from Patterson Pump Co. is designed for the installation and final alignment of heavy-duty centrifugal pumps, pump basins, discharge heads, motor stands and gear stands. The laser tracking device enables technicians to lock in coordinate positions on the baseplate with the centerline of the piping to ensure level positioning. 706/886-2101;


Asahi Introduces Crack-Resistant Polyethylene Pipe

Chem Proline from Asahi/America Inc. is a crack-resistant piping system designed for harsh liquid chemical applications. Made from PE resin (PE100-RC), the pipe offers a lower cost alternative to metal, fiberglass-reinforced plastic and lined steel pipe. The complete system includes pipe, fittings, valves, leak detection, injection quills and chemical feed skids. With a 50-year life expectancy, the pipe uses no glues and has minimal thread connections. It is UV resistant and can be installed above or below ground using socket, butt or electrofusion joining methods. The pipe’s pH capability ranges from 1 to 14 with pressure up to 150 psi and temperature to 140 degrees F. It is available in sizes up to 4 inches in diameter with single- or double-wall configurations and suited for water treatment and chemical process applications. 800/343-3618;


New Munsys for AutoCAD 2012 Released

Munsys solutions for utilities and local government has released version 10.4, which provides 32 bit and 64 bit compatibility with AutoCAD 2012 products, Oracle 11g Release 2 and Windows 7. This release includes improved support for both attribute and spatial data filters while browsing database records and graphic data. Other features include linear network trace functionality, using drawings or database records. 800/696-1238;


Larson Introduces LED with Magnet Mount

The Magnalight LED 10W-6R-HT light from Larson Electronics LLC features a combined handle and magnetic mounting system. The light produces 5,400 lumens and is capable of throwing a light beam over 600 feet in length, yet uses half the electrical power of a comparable incandescent lamp. Designed for rugged usage, the light can run on any voltage from 9 to 50 DC. 800/369-6671;


McCrometer Introduces Mc Propeller Flowmeter

Mc Propeller flowmeters from McCrometer feature UltraShield technology bearing assemblies for added protection against sand, grit and debris. The meters include a lid spring and optional canopy boot or digital register designed to protect against water intrusion and harsh operating conditions. 800/220-2279;


ITW Offers Wearing Compound

DFense Blok Quick Patch bead-filled wear and abrasion epoxy from ITW Devcon is formulated for emergency repairs to processing equipment, even in severe conditions. With a working time of four minutes and 30-minute cure time, the patch can repair holes, leaks and cracks, as well as protect against wear, abrasion and corrosion. The nonsagging alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy can be used at thicknesses up to 1 inch on vertical surfaces and 3/4 inch on overhead surfaces. Available in a 1-pound container, it can be used for repairing, rebuilding and protecting slurry pumps, pipe elbows, scrubbers, pulverizers, cyclones, fan blades, screw conveyors, chutes and hoppers. 800/933-8266;


Gore Introduces High-Resilience Tubing

STA-PURE Style 400 pump tubing from W.L. Gore & Associates features a VITON fluoroelastomer composite with reinforcement technology, enabling the tube to last more than 50 times longer than standard peristaltic pump tubing. Designed for use in high-pressure and solvent-based dosing applications, the tubing can operate at burst pressures in excess of 300 psi and continuous pressures up to 60 psi with intermittent pressures up to 100 psi. 410/392-4100;

CECOR Offers CombinationSumpcleaner, Dispenser

The Sumpcleaner/Dispenser combination system from CECOR features two separate tanks with pumpout, pump-in capability. The Sumpcleaner has an intake filtering system that cleans dirty machine tool fluid and sends it to the holding tank, which empties through the discharge port. The dispenser tank holds clean coolant that can be filled using the onboard pump or through the fill hatch. Coolant is pumped out through the tank dispensing hose. 800/356-9042;


NRP Introduces Multigas Scrubbers

NRP 90 and NRP 135 air scrubbers from NRP Products LLC are designed to remove H2S, ammonia and mercaptan odors from manholes, lift stations, pump stations and confined spaces. The NRP 90 has a 55 cfm suction system, built-in gas sensor to regulate on/off mode for H2S levels, filtering and scrubbing media and battery or AC operation, while the NRP 135 has a 135 cfm suction system. Both scrubbers use activated carbon for filtering and permanganate for scrubbing. 316/303-0505;


Brenford Offers Sewer Hog Jetting System

The Sewer Hog jetting system from Brenford Environmental Systems cleans large-diameter sewers, siphons, combined sewer overflow tunnels, storm sewers, wastewater treatment plants, lift stations and wet wells. The unit includes a 2,000 psi/350 gpm multinozzle. The 2,500 gpm pump pushes slurry to the Grit Gator, a closed-loop high-speed separation and dewatering container where solids are captured. The 98 percent solids-free graywater is returned to the sewer line. Moisture content of the captured debris is reduced to a level that meets Paint Filter Liquids Test requirements and allows disposal in a landfill as dry material. 281/992-4333;


CUES Introduces Rear-Viewing Camera

The self-propelled Lamp II rear-viewing camera from CUES is designed to perform lateral inspections while traveling the mainline. Capable of simultaneous pan, tilt and zoom mainline inspection, the color camera can be used with the Lamp II lateral launcher in 6-inch mainlines and larger configurations. 800/327-7791;


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