Energy-Saving Compactor Designed for Long Life, Safe Operation

Super Energy Efficient Compactor from Wastequip
Energy-Saving Compactor Designed for Long Life, Safe Operation

The Super Energy Efficient 4-cubic-yard self-contained compactor from Wastequip holds up to 24 bags of trash in its charge box, twice the volume of 2-yard, self-contained units. The compactor is powered by a Super E Series cool-running motor. The larger charge box and motor mean 65 percent less electricity consumed.

Because the size of the box is doubled, the compactor runs half as many cycles, reducing maintenance costs by 30 to 50 percent, says Kirk Warren, director of product management. A third component to the energy savings is operator education.

“The behavior we witnessed was users throwing in varying amounts of trash, pressing the button and walking away,” Warren says. “We tried to get them to change that behavior and only operate the equipment when they needed to. So instead of throwing in two or three bags, wait until you fill it up to run a cycle and you’ll maximize your savings.”

The compactor has a real-time monitor with infrared camera for through-the-wall installations, allowing operators to see what is in the charge box. The night-vision camera and remote digital monitor provide an extra layer of safety.

“For various reasons, people will try to climb in,” says Warren. “Some do it to keep warm at night, some to avoid being detected, some because they’re playing hide-and-seek. While we have safety measures to keep the equipment from operating when the door is left open this feature allows the operator to look inside, without the need for any lighting, to make sure the charge box is clear and can be operated.”

The compactor also has two Watch Dog timers. The first shuts the unit down if the ram runs for more than two minutes in any one direction — this prevents overheating. A second timer shuts the unit down after five minutes of continuous cycling (this timer can be adjusted based on customer requirements).

An Automatic Maintenance Scheduler triggers an indicator light, alerting operators when preventive maintenance is due. “That has gone over pretty well with customers,” Warren says. “They don’t have to remember once a year or every six months — it’s based on actual usage.”

To maximize hydraulic performance, the compactor has 1/2- and 3/4-inch dripless quick-disconnects, about 33 percent larger than standard disconnects, allowing quicker hydraulic flow. “So again, we’re trying to use less energy by reducing hydraulic flow friction,” says Warren. “If you use it less often, the components last longer. That’s what we’re looking to do — extend the equipment life as long as we can.” 877/468-9278;; Expo booth 2025.


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