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March Product News
Bredel SPX100D Hose Pump

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CULTEC Inc. 900HD Stormwater Chamber

The Recharger 900HD detention/retention stormwater chamber from CULTEC Inc. has a bare chamber storage capacity of 123.34 cubic feet and minimum installed storage of 190.73 cubic feet per unit. Units measure 9.25 feet long, 78 inches wide and 48 inches tall and have a side portal internal manifold and can accept up to a 24-inch-diameter pipe into the endwall to manage greater flows. 800/428-5832;


Xylem Godwin NC Series Portable Pumps

Godwin NC Series portable pumps featuring non-clog Flygt N-technology from Xylem Inc. are made for sewage and bypass pumping. Designed to allow stringy solids to pass, the 3-, 4- and 6-inch pumps are available for rent or purchase. Models NC80, NC100 and NC150 are capable of flows up to 1,750 gpm and available with diesel engine or electric motor on a highway trailer or skid base. Quiet enclosures for use in residential areas are available. 704/409-9700;


Radiodetection GatorCam Inspection System

The GatorCam4 pushrod video inspection system from Radiodetection features USB flash drive connectivity with 1- and 2-inch high-resolution cameras. Designed to travel through bends and traps, the system has a waterproof controller that records digital video or images with a single key press, displaying them on an 8-inch TFT screen. Users can zoom, pan and rotate images during recording and playback to focus on problem areas. Still pictures can be taken at any time. 877/247-3797;


JTM Products Pipe Lubricant

Phoenix 27-XL pipe lubricant from JTM Products Inc. is made for pipes, gaskets and all types of pipelines. The lubricant is certified by NSF/ANSI to meet Standard 61-G for potable water supply systems. It has a temperature range of -10 degrees to 150 degrees F and can be applied to wet and dry surfaces. The lubricant is nonhazardous, contains no petroleum and will not support bacteria or impart taste, colors or odor to water in pipelines flushed in accordance with recommended AWWA procedures. 800/229-6744;


Tommy Gate Medium-Duty Railgate

The 3,000-pound capacity, high-cycle railgate for stake and van bodies from Tommy Gate is designed for numerous daily lifting cycles. Features include machined steel rollers, dual-sealed ball bearings, hardened-steel pulleys and composite bushings. Other features include safety trip bar, self-close and auto-open cam arm, 12-inch platform taper and three-light, incandescent light kit. 800/543-8428;


Thomas & Betts PVC Conduit Repair System

The Carlon PVC conduit repair system from Thomas & Betts Corp. includes couplings, adapters, reamers and plugs. Repairs are completed by cutting off the broken conduit, reaming the inner diameter and inserting a coupler or adapter. The system is available in sizes from 1/2 inch through 2 inches. The nonmetallic couplings will not rust or corrode. The repair system is UL and c-UL listed. Fittings are in accordance with the NEC and Section 352.6. 800/816-7809;


Formadrain Open Time Epoxy Resin

The two-month shelf life epoxy resin from Formadrain Inc. features Durapox technology that remains in a pre-cured state for eight weeks until steam is applied during the installation process. Fully cured in 60 minutes, the epoxy contains no styrene-based polyester resins. 888/337-6764;


Presto Lifts Hand Pallet Trucks

Rol-Lift hand pallet trucks from Presto Lifts Inc. have a lift capacity of 4,500 to 6,500 pounds and fork length from 48 to 72 inches. Standard and heavy-duty models are available in 20.5- and 27-inch widths. 800/343-9322;


Powerblanket Multi-Duty Heating Blanket

The multi-duty heating blanket from Powerblanket can thaw frozen ground (up to 24 inches deep) and protect construction materials and machinery from freezing. Featuring GreenHeat technology, the blanket uniformly distributes an insulated barrier of heat while consuming low levels of energy. Blankets range in size from 2-by-2 feet to 11-by-23 feet. Custom sizes available. Standard blankets are rated to -10 degrees F, while Arctic blankets are rated to -40 degrees F. 877/398-7407;


Super Products Durasucker Vacuum Truck

The Durasucker liquid vacuum truck from Super Products is DOT/ASME approved for use in industrial and environmental cleanups. The truck has a 3,200-gallon capacity and is designed for removing and transporting liquids, sludge and semi-solid waste. The 72-inch carbon steel tank has a maximum working pressure of 35 psig internal and 15 psig external (full vacuum). 800/837-9711;


Barrier Systems SandMaster Flood Control Attachment

The SandMaster flood control sandbag filler from Barrier Systems LLC attaches to a skid-steer, front-end loader bucket or excavator. Model 26 (front-end loader) or 26E (excavator) can fill 6,250 sandbags in eight hours, while model 20 (skid-steer) can fill 4,800 sandbags in eight hours. The attachment works with both polypropylene and biodegradable burlap bags. 530/412-2260;


McElroy Side-Bend Tester

The guided side-bend tester from McElroy enables an operator to perform a bend-back test on polyethylene pipes with 1 to 7 inches of wall thickness. The testing method places the entire wall thickness into tension, giving assurance to the ductility of joints. No external power is required. The tester weighs less than 30 pounds. Saw, planer and calipers needed to complete testing. 918/836-8611;


GP HydraFlow Drop Boxes

Standard and Space Saver drop boxes from GP HydraFlow LLC are available for 8- to 24-inch outlets with custom sizes available. Configured to discharge wastewater along the interior wall of the lift station, the drop boxes move solids, while reducing their tendency to separate from the water and collect at the surface. Built with T304 stainless steel, the boxes fit any lift station or manhole. 317/403-2700;


Tideflex CheckMate Inline Check Valve

The CheckMate inline check valve from Tideflex Technologies, a division of Red Valve Company Inc., is designed for odor mitigation in outfalls, stormwater, CSO and SSO applications. The all-rubber unibody design prevents sewer odors from backing up, while allowing water to discharge. Valves are available in 4- to 72-inch sizes. Made from 100 percent fabric and elastomer, the valves have no mechanical components to catch debris, corrode or fail. 412/279-0044;


Bredel SPX100D Hose Pump

The SPX100D hose pump from Bredel is made for challenging sludge applications. Using no valves, seals or rotors in the product stream, the pump can run dry and handle high grit or air-entrained sludge. The pump delivers flows up to 400 gpm, discharge pressure of 232 psi and operating speeds up to 30 rpm continuous use and 38 rpm intermittent use. 800/282-8823;


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