One-Piece Nozzles Enhance Performance and Safety

One-piece nozzles from USB-Sewer Equipment Corp.
One-Piece Nozzles Enhance Performance and Safety

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One-piece nozzles from USB-Sewer Equipment Corp. are neither bonded nor screwed together; the technology enhances strength and reduces chances of failure under pressure for greater safety and optimum performance.

The nozzles’ Advanced, Optimized 3D Hydro Mechanics, located in the lower part of the chamber, eliminate pressure in the upper portion of the nozzle and prevent explosion in a sewer line or manhole.

“Everybody is looking for performance, efficiency, hydrodynamics or fluid mechanics, but I’m sure no one has thought about safety,” says Reinhart Laimer, company president, who came up with the one-piece concept after studying failures in the field and consulting with contractors and municipal customers. “Based on countless demonstrations and seminars, I came to the conclusion that safety is as important as efficiency.”

That doesn’t mean performance is compromised. Water coming from a pressurized hose is first divided by a cone piece and directly guided into the fully deburred channels and the ceramic nozzle inserts by means of five axial CNC precision-machining.

“Our inserts do not require winglets or flow-straighteners to get an outstanding jet because of the hydromechanics in and out of the chamber,” Laimer says. The result is a highly efficient jet pattern.

The one-piece nozzles include the Flying Nozzle 3D small, Cleaning Nozzle 3D small, FJ Penetrator Nozzle 3D, and Antiblaster Nozzle 3D, all made of tempered stainless steel. With ceramic inserts, they can be used with recycled water and withstand up to 8,000 psi.

The Flying Nozzle 3D, for removing sand and silt from long sewer lines, has 7-degree rear jet incidence and offers 1/2- to 1 1/4-inch threaded hose connections with outputs from 12 gpm to 120 gpm. Made for cleaning 4- to 12-inch lines, it has six or eight ceramic inserts and weighs 1 to 11.5 pounds.

The Cleaning Nozzle 3D, preventive maintenance, has rear inserts at 15 and 25 degrees jet incidence, enabling it to move material toward the manhole while continuing to clean and propel up the pipeline. Available in a 10-jet version, it can remove sand, mud, silt, crust and grease. It delivers 12 gpm to 120 gpm. Ceramic nozzle inserts range from seven to 11. The nozzle cleans 4- to 15-inch pipes and weighs 1 to 6 pounds.

The FJ Penetrator navigates over pipe offsets and removes blockages and obstructions. With 15- and 25-degree rear jet incidence and zero- and 15-degree front jet incidence, it delivers 18 gpm with a 1/2-inch hose connection or 80 gpm with a 1-inch connection. It has 10 or 12 ceramic inserts. The nozzle cleans 4- to 15-inch pipes and weighs 0.5 to 4 pounds.

The Antiblaster nozzle with nine ceramic inserts (one forward and eight rear) is used in shallow sewer lines and lines close to homes to prevent blowing toilets. Made for cleaning 6- to 12-inch pipes, the 4-pound nozzle has a 37-degree rear jet incidence that delivers 30 gpm with a 3/4-inch hose connection and 80 gpm with a 1-inch connection. 770/984-8880;


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