Product News - December 2012

Product News - December 2012
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Orenco TCOM telemetry control panels

TCOM telemetry control panels from Orenco Systems are a simplified, affordable SCADA system for facility managers and operators who need to monitor/control equipment that requires no interface software. Features include access and control via phone line, cellular, RF or other remote devices, automatic call-out to pagers or email-capable devices during alarms, data logging with time and date stamp, industry standard Modbus device-to-device communication support, and networking for multiple panels. 800/348-9843;

Hach phosphorus control module

The RTC 101 phosphorus control system from Hach Co. provides real-time control of chemical dosing that helps maintain consistent phosphorus levels in effluent water. The system can be used for both open (feed forward) and closed loop (feed back) control of the chemical dose. The chemical feed pump is continuously controlled by a 4-20 mA signal or a dry contact relay. Both outputs can be utilized together. If the dose determined by the controller is below the pump minimum flow rate, the system automatically will switch from 4-20mA control to relay control. 800/227-4224;

Endress+Hauser multichannel transmitters

Liquiline CM444 and CM448 multichannel transmitters from Endress+Hauser are designed for monitoring and controlling processes in water and wastewater industries. The transmitters accept inputs from up to eight Endress+Hauser Memosens digital sensors, including nitrate, special absorption coefficient (SAC), pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, free-chlorine and ion selective sensors. The device recognizes any combination of Memosens sensors and starts operating immediately. The sensors can be field upgraded at any time to accept additional inputs by plugging in additional modules. 888/363-7377;

Ditch Witch ride-on trencher, vibratory plow

The RT80 Quad heavy-duty, ride-on trencher and vibratory plow from Ditch Witch is designed to provide traction on rough and uneven terrain. The 83 hp trencher features a three-speed, shift-on-the-fly ground drive, 39,000-pound static load rating and 30,742 pounds of break-out capacity. The track frames pivot around the centerline of the axle for stability in muddy conditions or when applying high torque to pull through hard ground. Attachments include a vibratory plow, traversing trencher, saw and backhoe. 800/654-6481;

Hayward WCV wafer check valves

WCV series wafer check valves from Hayward Flow Control feature all thermoplastic molded construction, including angle seat and disc design for high flow capacities. The valves fit both ANSI 150 and PN10 flanges and are available in PVC and CPVC in 2- to 8-inch diameters with a maximum pressure rating of 150 psi non-shock at 70 degrees F. 888/429-4635;

RIDGID PTEC 3000 tailpiece cutter

The PTEC 3000 tailpiece extension cutter from RIDGID provides the ability to cut, deburr and bevel thin-walled plastic tubing in one step without causing any change to the shape of the tube. The tool cuts single- and double-flanged 1 1/2-inch and single-flanged 1 1/4-inch thin-walled polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and PVC disposer kits, tailpieces and wall tubes. A built-in viewing window ensures cuts are on the mark. 800/769-7743;

Envirosight ROVVER laser profiling accessory

The RedLine laser profiling accessory for the ROVVER X inspection crawler from Envirosight captures and analyzes profile data from the inside of buried pipeline for planning relining projects, determining pipe life, monitoring erosion/corrosion, quantifying defects and analyzing partial collapses. The accessory attaches without tools and requires no electrical connections. A hinged mounting system makes it easy to deploy in tight spaces, while twin carbon fiber arms ensure rigidity. The accessory can be mounted to any ROVVER X pan-tilt-zoom camera and operates up to 16 hours on a single AA battery. 866/936-8476;

Guzzler CL vacuum loader

The Guzzler Classic (CL) industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Manufacturing features enhanced operator ergonomics and improved air routing, filtration and maintenance. Hydraulic and electrical components mounted on the boom have been relocated to eye level for easier access. The unit has an 18-cubic-yard capacity and optional full-opening rear door. The bag house and cyclone clean-out access doors have been enlarged for easier access, and transition to the dump tubes has been widened for more effective dumping. The linear wall connection from the cyclone to the bag house has also been increased for more efficient airflow. 800/627-3171;

Griffin electric-driven wellpoint pump

The quiet operating Model 6WPRE electric wellpoint pump from Griffin Pump & Equipment is a fully automatic, dry priming and dry running, self-contained, portable dewatering pump. The unit is capable of pumping 1,500 gpm with 140 feet of head capacity. Diesel engines, other capacities and custom pumps are available. 866/770-8100;

Generac gaseous fuel engines

The 9.0-liter, spark-ignited engine from Generac Industrial Power, used on Generac 80kW and 100kW generators, is made for use with gaseous fuel in industrial applications. Features include stainless steel intake and exhaust valves for durability and long life, Stellite (a cobalt-based alloy) corrosion-resistant valve seats and reduced valve angles to minimize friction that can result from using dry fuel. Other features include hypereutectic cast aluminum pistons for thermal expansion resistance and tighter clearances for quieter operation and longer piston ring life. A 12.9-liter engine is made for use on Generac 150 kW through 300 kW generators. 888/436-3722;

Vanair Air N Arc power system

The Air N Arc 1300 power system from Vanair Manufacturing offers six forms of power in a single 48-inch unit, including
40 cfm rotary screw compressor, 7 kW AC generator, 300-amp welder, battery booster and charger, and 10.5 gpm hydraulic pump — all driven by a single engine. Small enough to fit behind the cab or on the side pack of a vehicle, the power system provides full functionality with the truck engine off. 800/526-8817;

Nu Flow lateral cutter

The Mi-T-Cutter from Nu Flow Technologies is designed to cut open lateral reinstatements from the inside, as opposed to the branch line. It also can be used for opening trapped drains and cutting out hard debris. The unit requires 7-10 cfm of air and operates using a standard 110-volt outlet. The cutter is 32 inches long and is designed for use in 4- to 6-inch pipe. Features include 19-inch viewing screen, 100-foot cable (200- and 300-foot available), three unique cutting heads, separate air line to keep the lens free of debris, and 250-foot video cable for remote viewing. 800/834-9597;

Southland Tool hose grabber, guide roller

The HGR-1 combination hose grabber and guide roller from Southland Tool Mfg. is designed to grab and lower a hose and nozzle into a sewer and guide it into the line, especially drop manholes where the sewer line is above the bottom of the manhole floor. Made of steel with Delrin hose roller, the tool's bottom hooks are heat treated for extra strength. Weighing 9 pounds, the device connects to a fiberglass (available) or steel pole. 714/632-8198;

ELAN Technologies level calibration tool

The QuickCal level calibration tool for water and wastewater use from ELAN Technologies has a 26-inch tapered aluminum ruler with 0.01-inch and 0.1-inch markings alongside an inset indicator strip. The ruler comes with an 8- to 16-foot extension power, enabling the ruler to be lowered into the flow and removed. No confined space entry is required. The non-wicking gray strip turns black when wet, providing an easy-to-read line for water level. Level increments correlate directly to primary device tables and flowmeters without a decimal conversion. 815/463-8105;

TRU-Vu 18.5-inch HD monitor

The RMTR-18.5M 18.5-inch HD touch screen monitor in 19-inch rack mount housing from TRU-Vu Monitors is designed for industrial and control room applications. The LCD monitor features industrial-grade components to withstand demanding environments. Featuring a 16:9 widescreen format, the five-wire resistive touch screen can be activated via bare or gloved fingers, stylus or other input devices. Other features include dual interface controller for USB or RS-232 connection and DVI connector (VGA and HDMI video inputs compatible via optical adapters). The included 90-240 VAC power brick enables direct connection to a 120 VAC outlet. A DVI cable also is included. 847/259-2344;

CW Industries toggle safety cover

The CW GT-4X toggle safety cover from CW Industries features a spring-loaded design that provides protection against accidental actuation. Covers are available in white, black and red and designed to mate with CW Industries' GTS Series toggle switches. The mounting base faceplate is glossy black steel and the safety cover is an ABS-blended plastic resin. The 0.481-inch mounting hole accepts all standard toggles with 15/32-inch mounting stems. 215/355-7080;

McElroy TracStar Series 3 fusion machine

The TracStar 500 Series 3 fusion machine from McElroy Manufacturing features an indexer-mounted heater and facer, economy engine throttle setting and hydraulic clamping. The machine is capable of fusing thermoplastic pipes from 6-inch IPS to 20-inch outer diameter. The carriage can be removed and lowered into a ditch for fusing in tight locations. Power for the heater is supplied by an onboard generator, while the engine-driven, hydraulic pump system provides power for the facer and dual-speed track system. Dual hydraulic pipe lifts help load and unload pipe into the carriage. 918/836-8611;


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