Ultrasonic level and flow sensor offers long-life remote monitoring

Ultrasonic level and flow sensor offers long-life remote monitoring
SonicSens 2 from Fluid Conservation Systems

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The SonicSens 2 ultrasonic level and flow sensor from Fluid Conservation Systems provides remote monitoring of open channels, combined sewer overflows, storm drains, storage tanks and flood warning systems. The battery-powered sensor is non-contact, non-contaminating and requires little maintenance.

The device measures approximately 6 by 4 by 2 inches and weighs 1 pound. "It can be used in a number of applications," says Griff Machinski, FCS Eastern U.S. sales manager. "It can be installed in manholes or used in weir channels for flow measurements."

The sensor has up to a five-year battery life at a two-minute sample rate and uses self-diagnostics and echo loss alarms to minimize site visits. It can send alerts to 16 phone numbers if predetermined alarm conditions are met and provide dial-in functionality, allowing rapid access to data during an event.

"It connects to any number of data logger options," Machinski says. "The user can go on site to retrieve the data manually or it can be brought in through telemetry." The device can transmit data via SMS or GPRS for immediate analysis.

The sensor mounts above the level to be monitored and emits an ultrasonic acoustic beam to the water surface that is reflected back and detected by the emitting transducer. "It works on an echo effect by measuring the time delay of the sound reflection," Machinski says. "It's easy to mount and has a leveling bubble built in so the ultrasonic beam is correct." 800/531-5465; www.fluidconservation.com.


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