Vanair combines six forms of power in one unit

Vanair combines six forms of power in one unit
Vanair combines six forms of power in one unit

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Designed for convenience, fuel savings and safety, the Air N Arc I-300 All-In-One Power System from Vanair combines six forms of power in a single unit. The 41-inch wide by 47-inch long by 33-inch tall power system fits behind the cab or mounts on the side pack of a vehicle, offering full functionality with the truck engine off.

"The largest application where it is used is a service truck with a hydraulic crane," says Dean Strathman, vice president of abovedecks at Vanair. "Municipal applications have also used the power of the machine to run hydraulic hand tools, hydraulic trash and water pumps and a valve exerciser.

"This product was designed to meet the challenges of the new EPA and Tier 4 regulations and deliver an efficient solution to the increasing cost of fuel," Strathman says. "Many trucks compliant with Tier 4 emissions do not operate as efficiently at idle as they do at high speed; running at idle tends to plug up the diesel particulate filters. The Air N Arc I-300 allows for operation of services without the need to adhere to vehicle regulation because the vehicle is no longer burdened as the driver application."

In 2008, Strathman says they began seeing people going to smaller GVW vehicles in an attempt to reduce weight. "So combination units as a whole became a large focus for us," he says. "And in going to smaller vehicles, space became a consideration. It's been the evolution of the industry that has driven this product."

The power system has a 40 cfm (high-speed, 30 cfm at idle) rotary screw compressor; 6,800 continuous-watt AC generator with 120-volt GFCI and 240-volt outlets; 300-amp welder (CC/DC, VC/DC); 300-amp, 12- and 24-volt battery booster; 12-volt battery charger; and 10.5 gpm hydraulic pump (3,000 psi maximum pressure).

A key safety feature is the unit's remote control panel, which enables users to operate the power system from the curb, free of traffic, and eliminates the need to jump in and out of the truck cab. The panel is available with 6 to 26 feet of tethered control cable, as well as custom lengths.

The power system is also available as a stand-alone unit with fuel tank and hydraulic reservoir on a single platform for added portability. 800/526-8817;


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