Safe and Powerful

Yellow-tipped hydroexcavation nozzle gives Expo visitors a look at latest technology.
Safe and Powerful
Frank Ligori, right, dealer manager for StoneAge, explains the performance and safety features of the new Hydro-X jetting head.

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This year’s Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo was a learning experience as well as a sales opportunity for StoneAge, which introduced visitors to its new line of hydroexcavation jetting heads.

“We have big visions for our hydroexcavation tools,” says Frank Ligori, dealer manager for StoneAge. “We researched and did our homework on our single- and triple-head nozzles and are introducing them today at the show. So far the response has been very positive.”

The Hydro-X head is available in three models (HX-101, HX-103S, HX-200) for precise and accurate soil removal. Each tool delivers up to 5,000 psi, 12 gpm flows and is jetted to match pump pressure and flow.

“They have polished throats to get the water stream to compress better,” he says. “We also have carbide tungsten tips inside with flow straighteners for a straighter, longer stream —  basically a harder-hitting stream. Yet, while doing all that, we kept the nozzle at a reasonable weight so your arms and shoulders don’t get as tired.”

Ligori says the show visitors he spoke with use hydroexcavation primarily for digging deep wells, potholing and for cutting shallow and deep trenches.

“There are different types of hydroexcavation, everything from rotation to fixed, from angles to straights and different degrees. There are many applications,” he says.

Designed to direct pump power in one direction for maximum digging, both the HX-101 single-head and HX-200 Hydro-X lance assembly have a replaceable single OCIH 1/4 NPT carbide nozzle at 0 degrees. The HX-103S triple straight-head assembly utilizes three AP2 Attack Tips (1/8-inch NPT). The head’s online pattern enables operators to jet with a wider spray pattern for faster trenching.

All tools have a 1/2-inch NPT inlet connection for attachment to the operating wand.

One eye-catching feature of the hydroexcavation nozzle is its yellow urethane head, which helps guard against damage to buried cables and lines, as well as providing added operator safety.

“The yellow head is an indicator to see the end of the lance when you’re [hydroexcavating] 10 or 15 feet down,” Ligori says. “Yellow is the color we picked just because of easy visibility.” The head is replaced by removing three bolts.

In talking to what he described as serious buyers, Ligori says he stayed busy at the show. “It’s tough for us to gauge because we depend on sales through our dealers, but the people who attended the show were engaged.” 866/795-1586;


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