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Overheard Online: How To Properly Train a Pipeline Cleaning Operator

The pipeline cleaning operator position is important, especially when poor performance can have such devastating consequences. www.mswmag.com/featured

History Makers: Ready, Set, Tap!

This fall, the first-ever Wisconsin women’s pipe-tapping team qualified for national competition. See how they measured up, and learn how this unique group came together from departments across the utility. www.mswmag.com/featured

Clever Cleanup: Less Time, More Grind

Overgrown fencerows and out-of-control honeysuckle vines are no match for the Fecon CEM36 hydraulic Bull Hog mulcher head. See how the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati cut down on maintenance time with this excavator-mounted mulcher. www.mswmag.com/featured

Regulations: AWWA Cost Estimates

How will a proposed perchlorate regulation from the EPA affect your treatment costs? Find out what to anticipate with help from the American Water Works Association’s cost-impact assessment. www.mswmag.com/featured

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