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Congrats! Tank of the Year

Oh, the creativity! In 2013, Tnemec painted thousands of water tanks across the country. In a voting process that included more than 200 tank nominations and more than 10,000 votes, the city of Mt. Vernon, Ill., came out the winner with its multicolored circles and spirals. Read more about the contest and see the runners-up. www.mswmag.com/featured

Holy Trucks! SEMA Pickup Roundup

Have you died and gone to truck heaven? Unfortunately, no. It’s just a roundup of some of the most drool-worthy vehicles — including a Team Realtree showpiece and a refrigerator-equipped Ford F-350 Super Duty — from the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association conference in Las Vegas. So sit back, dream a little and enjoy some truck eye-candy (just don’t let your technicians get any ideas!). www.mswmag.com/featured

Overheard Online: 3 Extraordinary Ways to Educate Your Water Customers

If you’re a utility that needs to put money into infrastructure, you need someone to be a champion for you, and that’s your customers. www.mswmag.com/featured

Utility Bankruptcy: Balancing Debt and Customer Rates

What can Jefferson County, Ala., teach municipalities about debt? The county recently declared bankruptcy, resulting in greatly increased sewer rates and a $1 billion deficit in available funds to maintain the sewer system. Find out what this could mean for other distressed municipalities. www.mswmag.com/featured

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