Dual-Armor Wrap Clamp takes guesswork out of pipe repairs

Dual-Armor Wrap Clamp takes guesswork out of pipe repairs
Dual-Armor Wrap Clamp takes guesswork out of pipe repairs

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The FSC-R2 Dual-Armor Wrap Clamp with EPDM gasket from Ford Meter Box Company provides full wraparound coverage for maximum protection against leaks in pipes. The stainless steel body and epoxy e-coated ductile iron lugs (stainless available) are corrosion resistant, while location indicators simplify “blind” installation.

“One of the challenges with armored gaskets is that the dual armors cover almost 360 degrees of the gasket,” says Todd A. Hodson, marketing manager for Ford Meter Box Company. The rigid nature of the stainless-covered rubber gasket can make it difficult to open.

“What we did to overcome the stiffness was place a relief groove at one side between the armors that enables you to open the gasket one-handed,” he says. “That’s important when a repair clamp is being installed and you have water spraying.” The groove also makes it easier to position the gasket over the leak until it can be securely clamped.

Location indicators aid in positioning the gasket in the clamp, ensuring a proper fit each time. “You want to make sure the armor is centered across the gap of the clamp,” Hodson says. “What we did to facilitate this is place notches on the side. There’s both a notch in the stainless armor and a rubber knob that protrudes out [of the gasket]. So if you’re trying to assemble this while your hands are under water you can feel that the stainless armor on the gasket is centered on the clamp.”

Designed for the repair of a pinhole leak or small crack in copper or steel pipes, clamps are available in 3-inch (1 bolt) and 6-inch (2 bolt) widths for pipes from 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.

Gasket thickness varies by type and size. For steel pipes, gasket thickness is 0.17 inches for 1/2 through 1 1/2-inch pipes and 0.21 inches for 2-inch pipes. Copper pipe gaskets range from 0.146 to 0.315 inches thick. The 3-inch wide clamps weigh from 0.75 to 1.5 pounds, while the 6-inch clamp weighs from 1.5 to 3 pounds. 260/563-3171; www.fordmeterbox.com.


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