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A Pipe Crisis: Dissecting a Water Main Break Outbreak

When pipes start popping like fireworks on the Fourth of July, people take notice. This May, the City of Milwaukee fought a rash of water main breaks that occurred after a pressure increase. Learn more about how the problem started, which pipes were affected, and how the city managed the situation. www.mswmag.com/featured

Overheard Online

If the right tool is not kept in the inspection van, inspections can come to a standstill. The day could be a complete loss if a manhole can’t be opened or a minor repair can’t be performed.

— 10 Essential Tools for Municipal Pipe Inspections, www.mswmag.com/featured

News Briefs: A New Pipe Inspection Device?

A self-propelled device could change how municipalities handle pipe inspections. Researchers from several institutions have created a device that uses a drum-like membrane to sense pressure gradients. Find out about its benefits, challenges and how it could help municipalities. www.mswmag.com/featured

Best Practice: The I&I Budget Conundrum

Budget. Just say the word, and most of us bristle. Budgeting is difficult enough when things are stable, but add unpredictable factors such as precipitation, flooding and customer connections and you’ve got a tricky situation. Learn how St. Louis plans for infiltration and inflow, and use these best practices as you enter the next budget cycle. www.mswmag.com/featured


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