CUES Cameras Allow You To Inspect Every Inch

LAMP II pan-and-tilt camera option from CUES allows operators to inspect all areas of the pipe.
CUES Cameras Allow You To Inspect Every Inch
CUES Equipment Manager Tim Wilson, right, explains the upgraded pan-and-tilt camera options on the company’s LAMP II inspection system to an Expo attendee.

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The self-propelled LAMP II inspection system from CUES has been on the market for several years, but a pan-and-tilt inspection system add-on, rolled out for the first time at the 2014 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International, has made the system even more versatile and effective, allowing an operator to perform simultaneous lateral and mainline inspections.

The full system includes a self-propelled lateral launcher, transportation platform and two cameras – a mini pan-tilt-optical zoom mainline camera mounted on an articulating platform for easy invert entry, and a camera for lateral inspection. The mini pan-and-tilt camera system includes a detachable steering wand that provides the ability to navigate through multiple pipe junctions, giving operators even more latitude to inspect every inch of the pipe system.

“The operator can rotate and articulate the camera, and the wand allows them to get into different bends and areas of the pipe that weren’t previously accessible,” says Kevin Jordan, the southeast regional sales manager for CUES. “The feedback we received from those who were using systems in the field indicated that they needed to be able to steer the pan-and-tilt camera. This system accomplishes that.”

The LAMP II system is available with a stainless steel or fiberglass push cable that can inspect more than 150 feet into a lateral. It can pull 1,000 feet of video cable, reducing traffic control expenses while increasing production. It’s operated using a hand-held, wireless video game-like controller, including all lateral launcher, transport, camera and reel functions. Color video from the two cameras can be displayed in a picture-in-picture format or on separate monitors.

“The system now offers a lot of flexibility in the same footprint,” says Jordan. “The wand can actually be used to lever the pan-and-tilt camera around corners. It allows the operator to be able to see so much more.”

The LAMP II main camera is designed to inspect 6- to 30-inch mainlines, while the 360-degree pan-and-tilt can inspect 3- to 8-inch laterals with its 40:1 optical/digital zoom. It has automatic centering and built-in auto upright that keeps the image stabilized at all times. The system also has a built-in sonde for line locating and comes with four sets of single-point removable wheels with a combination of rubber tires for most conditions and semipneumatic tires to negotiate pipes with more debris. High-traction tires with a steel-abrasion base are available for greasy conditions and PVC pipe. Both cameras have built-in lens window wipers for in-pipe lens cleaning.

“We basically took a product that we were already very proud of, and added usability and versatility,” says Jordan. “It is ideal for municipal lateral inspections, residential mainlines and even in the oil and gas industry for inspecting cross bores.”

Jordan says those operators who have tested the new pan-and-tilt option were enthused. “Obviously the demand was there, so the feedback has been great,” says Jordan. “We want our customers to know that the pan-and-tilt can be retrofitted on all existing LAMP II systems too.”

Jordan says that CUES regularly launches a new product at every Expo, now known as the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, or WWETT. That won’t change for 2015.

“The entire industry is looking at multi-sensor technology in pipe inspection products,” says Jordan. “We intend to keep building high-tech gear with a smaller footprint. The demand is there.” 800/327-7791;


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