Correlator Automatically Filters Data To Pinpoint Leaks

Correlator Automatically Filters Data To Pinpoint Leaks
The TriCorr Touch leak detection correlator from Fluid Conservation Systems

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The TriCorr Touch leak detection correlator from Fluid Conservation Systems works with acoustic leak noise sensors to identify and locate leaks in water distribution systems. Data gathered by the sensors pinpoints leaks without exploratory digging.

The tri-filter device can run approximately 55 filter combinations on the correlation data, enabling the correlator to automatically check the quality of the results and adjust filter settings until the clearest and most accurate result is obtained.

“With most correlators you have to filter it yourself — choose a high end; choose a low end,” says Doug Sangermano, customer support manager for Fluid Conservation Systems. “The TriCorr automatically does it for you. If it doesn’t find a quality leak picture within 60 seconds it will run another filter. And it will do this continually until it locks in on the leak.”

The intuitive system guides the user through the detection process.

“You hit the start button and it asks for the type of pipe and size of pipe,” he says. “Then it asks for the distance between the sensors.”

The sensors have a magnetic base that can be attached to the mainline valve, fire hydrant or service line. Sound is amplified and radio transmitted to the correlator, which digitizes the data and creates a correlation graph. The distance measured depends on the type and size of pipe.

“We test the radios at 1,000 feet, but they’ll transmit farther than that,” Sangermano says. “You could correlate 2,000 feet of water main, but the problem is the leak sound doesn’t travel 2,000 feet — it’s dependent on the type of pipe. With metal pipe the sound is going to go farther than on PVC. Typical correlation is no longer than 800 feet.”

The system can detect leaks in pipes 3/4 inches or smaller and up to 144 inches in diameter. Test distances decrease as pipe diameters increase.

The battery-powered correlator delivers six to eight hours of service before needing to be recharged. Battery life is approximately six to eight years.

The 6.5-inch, high-visibility color VGA touch screen provides maximum visibility and easy data entry. Weighing 4.2 pounds, the leak detection system with red and blue transmitters comes with a protective case and rear straps to assist handling. 800/531-5465;


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