Jetter Nozzle Captures Video From 6- To 10-Inch Lines

Jetter Nozzle Captures Video From 6- To 10-Inch Lines
The JetScan Mini video nozzle from Envirosight

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The JetScan Mini video nozzle from Envirosight captures HD video from 6- to 10-inch sewer lines. Like its big brother, the Mini provides municipal crews with visual feedback to select appropriate cleaning tools, troubleshoot backups, identify buried safety hazards and document successful cleaning.

“It simply connects to the end of a jetter hose and you can run it up a line,” says Jake Wells, marketing manager for Envirosight. “That’s especially beneficial in Texas and California where 6-inch lines are more prevalent.”

As with the standard JetScan, the Mini attaches to 3/4- to 1 1/2-inch hoses and records up to 8 hours of 72p HD MPEG video to an onboard 32 GB memory card, which can be removed for viewing on an iPad or compatible device.

“The nozzle will work off any jetter, whether it’s mounted to a cleaning truck or a trailer jetter,” Wells says. “It allows you to be more efficient and judicious with your use of more expensive technology. For example, if there’s an emergency call about a blockage, a cleaning crew can troubleshoot it rather than calling a CCTV truck. The camera also travels down the line at a higher rate of speed than your typical crawler or push camera.”

Twin high-output LED lamps ensure bright, vivid footage, while rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide up to four hours of continuous operation.

When paired with the standard JetScan and optional roller arm, crews have the ability to view lines from 6 to 24 inches in diameter.

“It’s a great tool for helping jetting crews get visual information from underground without relying on other crews who have other priorities,” Wells says. “The detachable camera also can be used with either nozzle body.”

The 6-inch video nozzle is available separately or as part of a complete system. 866/936-8476;


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