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HOT TOPIC: Wildfires Could Put More Strain On Drought-Stricken California

The number of wildfires in California has increased over the past several years and, with new water use regulations amid unprecedented drought conditions, there’s even more cause for concern. The number of wildfires so far this year is 50 percent above average, which puts even more stress on depleted water supplies. “We’re very, very concerned about forest fires and what its impact will be up here,” says John Collins, general manager of the Alpine Springs County Water District. mswmag.com/featured


I think green infrastructure approaches are great for a double or even triple bang for the buck. They can meet flood control, infrastructure replacement and water quality objectives simultaneously, along with other social and environmental benefits.

Stormwater Solutions Help Close Funding Gapmswmag.com/featured

HEAVY METAL? How Pink Manhole Covers Can Deter Theft

Manhole covers are a common target of thieves, even when scrap prices are low. So how can theft be prevented? Learn why the City of Danville (Virginia) began painting their manhole covers pink, along with other unconventional ways municipalities have kept their infrastructure out of scrapyards. mswmag.com/featured

FORT WORTH FLOODS: Stormwater System Improvements Reveal Needs, and Results

Flooding in central Texas — also known as Flash Flood Alley — can happen with little warning. It’s a problem Fort Worth has been tackling head-on since forming a stormwater utility in 2006 after flash flooding claimed more than a dozen lives over a 10-year period. While excessive rainfall still poses a risk to specific areas of the city, the initiatives have had a huge impact on public safety. mswmag.com/featured


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