Efficient Root Control

New chemical applicator from RootX geared toward in-house preventive maintenance.
Efficient Root Control
RootX root control specialist Dan Lawrence (middle) discusses the ease of operation of the FDU300 root-control solution applicator with WWETT 2015 attendees. Designed to treat up to 24-inch pipes, the device is being marketed toward municipalities and large sewer cleaning contractors.

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Municipal sewer work is all about efficiency. RootX has taken that idea to heart with the introduction of the FDU300 applicator, a device engineered to make applying RootX root-control solution to mainlines faster and easier. The applicator debuted at the 2015 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show. 

“We’ve actually had it on the market in a limited capacity since January, and the reaction has been great so far,” says Jarrett Jackson, a root control specialist with RootX, and one of the minds behind the new applicator’s design. “The design is more user-friendly than our previous applicator, and the time-saving aspect will definitely enable the user to get more done in a day.” 

The FDU300 is constructed from stainless steel, with a self-righting spray head that helps make for easier and faster chemical loading. Its bayonet locking system eliminates the need for locking pins, and an eyebolt simplifies the lowering of the applicator into the manhole. Its easy-to-use spray nozzle applies up to two times as much chemical to the roots and the top of the pipe as the previous model, enabling a higher root mass saturation of the chemical formula. It is designed to treat up to 24-inch pipes. 

“The self-righting spray head is really the key to why this applicator is more efficient,” Jackson says. “It is easier to load, handle and apply the chemical, and the self-righting head allows for a more accurate application. Our previous applicator was and continues to be an effective unit, but it’s been on the market for 10 years. It was time for an upgrade.” 

Because of its ease of use, RootX is urging municipalities and contractors to add root control to their annual maintenance checklist. Through a “free use” program, customers can test the unit with the purchase of RootX root-control solution. 

“The goal is inspiring contractors and municipalities to do root maintenance in-house and include root control as preventive maintenance,” Jackson says. “The solution should be applied every two to three years to prevent root intrusion.” 

The new applicator was a hit among the diverse crowd at WWETT 2015, according to Chad Fahey, another RootX root control specialist who worked the company’s booth at the show. “We were constantly busy, and the attendance appeared very strong this year,” he says. “Many of the plumbers who attend the show are very familiar with it and are longtime users, but with the new applicator being geared more toward municipal customers and contractors, we had the chance to connect with many of those people at the show as well.” 

Fahey says the company’s goal is to educate and get its products and offerings in front of as many potential customers as possible. 

“This industry is always changing, so you either evolve with it or you’re left in the dust,” he says. “That was our main goal featuring the FDU300 this year. We want the industry to know that we’re listening to them, and we’re evolving to meet their needs.” 800/844-4974; www.rootx.com.


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