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Hot Topic: Warning: Heat Can Kill

Municipal work poses many inherent safety risks, but there is one that is easily overlooked. With NFL training camps in full swing, we’re reminded of All-Pro lineman Korey Stringer who died from heat stroke in 2001. Football teams now follow procedures to help get players acclimated to the heat. The league has changed from the get-tough attitude of no water breaks to mandatory hydration and rest periods, and it’s time for all to embrace a smarter approach to heat safety by following these simple precautions. mswmag.com/featured

Water System Synergy: Partnerships Make 50-Mile Pipeline Successful

In a day when many municipalities are squabbling over water resources, the Colorado Southern Delivery System is one example of communities working together to assure adequate water supplies for their citizens in the future. And when the water supply project — one of the largest in the western United States — comes in nearly $10 million under budget, the story gets even better. mswmag.com/featured

Searching For Solutions: Water Suppliers Wrestle With Decreased Sales

California agencies are forced to find new ways to deal with a decline in revenue as water use throughout the state drops due to unprecedented regulations aimed at conservation. Learn what is currently being done to help balance the budgets.

Overheard Online

The topic ofsewers is relevant for today’s Brooklynites whose health and sanitation depend on an infrastructure designed with 19th century technology for a 19th century population.

— Brooklyn Sewer Exhibit Unveiled mswmag.com/featured


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