An Easier Way to Cut Pipe

Exact Pipe Tools introduces lightweight pipe cutter to the US market.
An Easier Way to Cut Pipe
Lauri Makkonen, a sales representative for Exact Pipe Tools, demonstrates the lightweight PipeCut 170E unit for an attendee at the 2016 WWETT Show. The unit can be used to cut any pipe material from .5 to 6.7 inches in diameter. (Photo by Luke LeNoble)

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Over the years, Exact Pipe Tools has developed a number of modern tools for pipe cutting. However, those tools haven’t been available in the United States until recently. That’s why the Finland-based company decided that the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show was an ideal place to highlight its diverse line of pipe cutters designed to safely cut all kinds of pipe.

While there are larger units designed for larger-diameter pipe, the lightweight PipeCut 170E is specifically designed for pipes ranging from .5 to 6.7 inches in diameter, making it ideal not only for municipal residential sewer system contractors, but also for plumbers, septic system installers and those who perform sewer and drain cleaning and maintenance. It can be used to cut any pipe material, including steel, copper, cast iron and all plastics. Mike Helwich, national sales manager for Exact Pipe Tools, says the pipe cutter has been well received, both overseas and domestically.

“It’s been all positive,” he says. “There’s over 40,000 of these units in the market worldwide. We just came to America roughly two years ago and started selling and distributing the product here probably 15 months ago.”

The blade diameter is 5.51 inches with a mounting bore of 2.44 inches. It is ideal for cutting stainless steel and cast iron pipes because of the pipe cutter’s adjustable speed and steady torque feature.

“What’s unique about this system is the gripper,” Helwich says. “The product will grip itself around the pipe. It has eight pressure points on it where it will not kick back once on the pipe, and the blade is never exposed until it’s in the plunge mode.”

The ergonomic design and additional safety features of the pipe cutter help eliminate job-related accidents, and the unit weighs just 12 pounds.

“A lot of people now are becoming very safety conscious,” Helwich says. “That’s why they like this product. The blade is never exposed until it’s actually into the material. Another aspect is, when you’re cutting the pipe, the pipe is never hot. You’d think when you’re cutting a piece of steel pipe or cast piping in half, the piece that you cut would be very hot. But all your heat is transferred out into the chips, which fall to the ground, so the cut piece is actually warm to the touch; it’s not red hot as you think it would be.”

The WWETT Show has exposed Exact Pipe Tools to a new and larger audience, and Helwich says he spent as much time answering questions about the company as he did about pipe cutting.

“We’ve received a lot of questions like, ‘Where have you been? I’ve never heard of you before.’ Then we have to tell them the history that we just came to America, so we’re in that process right now where we’re building a dealer base, doing as many shows as we can, getting the word out about Exact Pipe Tools.

“The exposure that we got here has been very positive,” Helwich adds. “We sell through distribution, so we’re basically showing the product here. Everybody knows that noise creates attention, so once we start making a cut, it seems to attract a crowd.” 844/392-2800;


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