Simple and Efficient Sewer Cleaning

Combination truck from Sewer Equipment eliminates auxiliary engine and complicated controls.
Simple and Efficient Sewer Cleaning
Sewer Equipment product development engineer Stan Stuart (left) discusses the features of the 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner with several 2016 WWETT Show attendees following the unit’s official unveiling ceremony. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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As the water and sewer industry has evolved, the equipment used to maintain those systems has grown increasingly more complex. Sometimes, however, a simple tool is the best thing to get the job done.

A new combination truck unveiled by Sewer Equipment at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show eschews potentially complex touch screens and digital displays in favor of manual controls designed to make the unit easy to operate and maintain. A simplified powertrain system makes the 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner more efficient as well.

“The 900 ECO is the integration of the best features from our other Sewer Equipment units into one top-of-the-line unit,” says Stan Stuart, product development engineer for Sewer Equipment. “More than 2 1/2 years of research and development has gone into the design of this unit.”

The 900 ECO is powered by a Hydro Drive powertrain system, which takes all required power for the pump, blower and the auxiliary hydraulic systems directly from the chassis engine, eliminating the need for an auxiliary engine. When ready to work, the operator simply has to put the truck in neutral, apply the parking brake and exit the cab. The truck remains in neutral and power is taken directly from the chassis engine, ensuring operator safety, as there is no transfer case to slip into gear.

“That’s a safety feature as well as an efficiency feature,” explains Stuart. “Just think about the fuel you can save as an operator not having two engines running.”

The unit operates at 35 percent lower rpm than a typical sewer cleaner, consuming considerably less fuel and emitting less noise than traditional designs.

The unit also features simple controls. Once the operator flips a switch to put the truck into Work Mode, water pump, blower and throttle switches can be engaged. The only interface between the module and chassis is via the throttle control port, an intentional lack of integration aimed at eliminating potential CANbus communication problems between the chassis and module. The easy-to-understand controls enhance safety while making the unit easier to operate.

“This is our response to operators who wish they could find the simplicity of their old sewer cleaner, without the electronic bells and whistles that can be sometimes tough to navigate,” Stuart says. “It actually puts the control away from a computer and back into the hands of the operator.”

The 900 ECO is available in 9-, 12- and 15-yard debris capacities, with respective water capacities of 1,400, 1,750 and 2,100 gallons. The water tank is made of Duraprolene, which offers immunity to corrosion and dents for long service life, and also eliminates the need for draining during storage. The fully baffled construction eliminates sloshing and allows for safe travel at highway speeds while full. The boom features a full 10-foot extension and 180-degree rotation, enabling a hydroexcavation option. According to Stuart, the unit is aimed at municipalities and contractors that specialize in municipal sewer work.

“We recently made a delivery of our first two 900 ECO units to Colorado Springs, and the feedback we’ve heard from them has been great,” Stuart says. “They told us that the unit is exactly what they’ve been looking for.”

A large crowd was on hand for the official unveiling of the 900 ECO on the WWETT Show floor. Stuart says the company typically tries to unveil a new product at every show, as the attendees are the company’s target market.

“This is definitely the show to be at in our industry,” he says. “We always have great traffic at our booth here, and that’s why we always put a lot of effort into our footprint here. It’s very important for the company.” 877/735-4640;


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