Inspection Camera Moves Beyond the Mains

Compact push camera from Aries gives technicians the angle for mainline and lateral work.
Inspection Camera Moves Beyond the Mains
John Kudis, right, a regional sales manager for Aries Industries, gives direction on the operation of the LETS 6.0 Lateral Evaluation Television System to a 2016 WWETT Show attendee trying it out in the company’s booth. The camera is operated by the Aries Master Controller, which enables remote operation using a dual-joystick Xbox 360 control. (Photo by Craig Mandli)

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Efficiency in the sewer inspection industry is all about doing more with less. That’s why Aries Industries went to work last year to design a camera that not only can take quality mainline inspection video, but also has the capability of inspecting narrower laterals.

That new camera, the LETS 6.0, garnered plenty of attention at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, as a demo version of the camera gave potential customers the chance to test the system’s capabilities right on the show floor.

“This is a unit that we’ve modified from the ground up,” says Bruce Peight, a marketing specialist with Aries. “A new, contoured chute enables the lateral camera to be deployed with or against the flow with a 135-degree launch angle. That gives the technician so much more flexibility.”

The LETS 6.0 Lateral Evaluation Television System operates efficiently in 6-inch and larger mainlines. A slim unibody tractor design reduces pipe interference to maneuver quickly through harsh mainline pipe conditions. A pan-and-tilt camera provides clear video to easily align and launch the camera, while a rear-facing camera monitors both push cables when in reverse and during retrieval. In-the-pipe lens cleaning reduces maintenance and increases time in the pipe. The system enables lateral inspection up to 150 feet.

“Having that pan-and-tilt camera available really adds to the usability of this system,” says Peight. “It works great for getting up a step, or going to another area of the pipe the crawler cannot reach.”

The LETS 6.0 sets up quickly to match pipe contours. The basic six-wheel configuration operates in 6- to 12-inch mainlines, while a large-line kit with four-wheel configuration operates in pipe up to 30 inches in diameter. A telescoping chute facilitates easier lateral launching in larger pipe. A centered push cable on the underbody of the tractor maximizes cable bending for easier launching. The open drive system is self-cleaning, eliminating sludge buildup for maintenance-free operation.

The LETS 6.0 is operated by the Aries Master Controller, which enables remote operation using a dual-joystick Xbox 360 controller. Peight says that feature is very popular, especially among newer, younger operators.

“Certainly having a controller that most young operators are familiar with speeds up the learning curve,” he says. “Most of the younger generation getting into the field is pretty tech-savvy, so the Master Controller is a great fit for them. It is easy to learn, and puts all the power in the hands of the operator.”

That functionality was on display on the show floor, as attendees were given the opportunity to pilot the system right in the Aries booth. Peight says the demo unit was a great way to introduce the camera system to potential new customers.

“This show is all about not only getting to see new equipment, but also getting the chance to try it out,” he says. “It gives us the chance to show this system to contractors that may not be as familiar with us, too. The people who tried it out really like the system’s control options.”

Aries is a longtime exhibitor at WWETT, and uses every show to roll out at least one new innovation. Peight says they are already at work on updating their tractor system with the hope of rolling out a new model at WWETT 2017.

“We are building a system that raises the overall durability, and includes an improved drivetrain,” he says. “We’re excited to roll it out, and we think the attendees will be excited as well.” 800/234-7205;


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