Skid-steer attachment makes manhole replacement easy

Skid-steer attachment makes manhole replacement easy
Skid-steer attachment makes manhole replacement easy

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Manhole replacement can be messy and dangerous work. It typically requires several jackhammers and a lot of time. The HS-57 Series II from Coneqtec-Universal changes that.

The HS-57 Series II is a heavy-duty skid-steer hole saw attachment that removes the collar and surrounding area of concrete and asphalt encasing manhole covers. It offers a 14-inch-deep cut, optional drum widths and centering arms for various overlay projects. It is a time and money saver that keeps workers safe, according to Adam Runner, the special projects manager for Coneqtec-Universal.

“The HS-57 typically only requires five to 15 minutes with one operator in the skid-steer,” he says. “Your traditional method using jackhammers is going to take several workers two to three hours.”

The HS-57 has heavy-duty hydraulic motors, and a hydraulic-powered breakout feature, meaning the skid-steer’s loader arms are positioned safely down during breakout. Its 45 carbide-tipped picks cut through concrete, asphalt and brick. A self-aligning hydraulic clamp securely attaches to the collar, ensuring the saw is centered and secure. Cutting is accomplished using hydraulics to apply down pressure to the cutting drum, rather than using the weight of the skid-steer.

“This unit keeps all the cutting down low to the pavement, eliminating the mess and safety issues from flying debris,” says Runner. “There’s a depth indicator that lets the operator know how deep the cut is without ever having to leave the cab of the skid-steer.”   

A 57-inch-diameter hole cut is standard, with optional sizes available. The unit lifts the collar and surrounding layers of concrete and asphalt when the cut is finished, and the material is set onto a truck bed for disposal. The collar can easily be broken free for reuse. “It actually pulls the core out, so you don’t need a bucket or cherry picker,” says Runner.

Runner also points out that the circular cut versus the more traditional square cut prevents the common stress fractures that can develop on the sides and corners of square cuts. The rounded surface provides for better adhesion of replacement materials. The unit requires a skid-steer with 33 gpm or higher hydraulics.

“This unit can be a huge money saver for municipalities, as it keeps them from having to subcontract out their manhole replacement jobs,” says Runner. “It’s a niche product that solves a lot of big issues for municipalities and contractors.” 888/832-3462;


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