Two-component system provides single-day manhole rehabilitation

Two-component system provides single-day manhole rehabilitation
Two-component system provides single-day manhole rehabilitation

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Rehabilitating a leaky manhole can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. That is unless, of course, you have the right system for the job. The Mainstay Composite Liner system from Madewell Products Corporation is just such a system.

The two-component manhole rehabilitation system consists of a high-strength restoration mortar, such as Madewell Products Corporation’s Mainstay ML-72 Microsilica Restoration Mortar, and an epoxy corrosion barrier coating, such as Mainstay DS-4 or -5 Epoxy Coating, that cures simultaneously to repair and protect brick and concrete manholes and other sanitary sewer structures.

“Being able to spray the epoxy on wet mortar is a big time saver, and it creates a strong adhesion rate,” says Craig Closser, sales manager for Madewell. “Typically the rule of manhole rehab is you can’t put epoxy on a wet surface. Well, we can.”

The mortar is first shot onto a new or deteriorated manhole substrate, and an epoxy topcoat is then immediately applied while the mortar is still soft. The simultaneous combination of these materials creates a monolithic lining that cures into a strong, corrosion-resistant and continuous surface, free of pinholes and voids. The mortar and topcoat are tightly bonded not only to the manhole substrate, but also to each other. There is no wait time for the mortar to cure after it is applied to the manhole because the epoxy topcoat is applied while the mortar is still soft.

Therefore, the system can be installed quickly and deteriorated manholes and other structures can be repaired and put back into service in a single day.

“It sticks beautifully, almost like putting sealer on a driveway,” says Closser. “It has a 50-year design life, so you know it’s going to last.”

Because the surfaces in manholes and lift stations are often continuously damp, it can be nearly impossible to apply a typical protective coating alone. However, the products used in the Mainstay Composite Liner are properly applied when the surface is damp, eliminating the time-consuming and difficult task of drying the substrate prior to application.

“The mortar is extremely user-friendly,” Closser says. “It can be applied up to 5 inches thick in one pass.”

The cured mortar has a compressive strength of 10,000 psi, resulting in a restored manhole that is stronger than the original structure. The system is designed for lining manholes and other pipeline systems from 18 to 72 inches in diameter. 800/741-8199;


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