Mainline TV Inspection and Location

Mainline TV Inspection and Location

System helps locate pipes under mud flats

Cloud-based system helps company speed up paperwork 

Problem: At Roto-Rooter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, paperwork was manually processed. There was a wait for the technicians to turn in their paperwork, and then it had to be scanned and manually entered into the JaRay system. Often it took five days to process and send out statements. 

Solution: Famhost Apps proposed the cloud-based RealTime Forms application that processes invoices, purchase orders, bids, and inventory in real time and integrated into their existing JaRay Software System. 

Result: Data entry was reduced, scanning was eliminated, and receivables were reduced by 25 percent. During the 2016 floods, the office was inaccessible, but jobs could still be dispatched directly to the technicians’ devices, and technicians no longer needed to come into the office to turn in their paperwork. 800-658-1676;

System helps locate pipes under mud flats

Problem: The Wadden Sea in the North Sea — with its coastal regions in Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany — is the largest system of mud flats in the world. Local water utility Wasserverband Nord had to locate and document a freshwater pipe between the mainland and the island of Pellworm, but the tide comes in twice a day, and the area is only safe to walk on for a maximum of six hours when the tide goes out. 

Solution: Wasserverband Nord enlisted the help of Hermann Sewerin GmbH to accurately locate and document the pipe using a cable running parallel to the pipe. Hermann Sewerin GmbH provided the UT 9000, which is supported by an external GPS system, the GeoExplorer by S+H Systemtechnik GmbH. The device’s self-explanatory menu navigation guides the technician to the position of the pipe one step at a time. Their lightweight and superior ergonomics make the devices easier to transport through the sticky mud. The high-contrast LCD monitor is clearly legible, even in extreme lighting conditions. 

Result: The device helped locate the pipe in a short time, save the coordinates and accurately document the location. 888-592-9916;

Town leverages inspection technology to meet goals

Problem: In 2013, the city of Warsaw, Indiana, knew they had problems. Like many other similar-sized towns, the city desperately needed to assess the condition of their storm and sanitary sewers in order to develop an improvement plan. Substantial portions of their system dated back to 1899 and had never received a visual inspection.

Solution: The management team undertook an extensive refit of their existing equipment, starting with new combination cleaning trucks and new RapidView IBAK North America camera inspection system. The management team set the ambitious goal of inspecting the entire sanitary system within three years. With over 86 miles of pipelines, this would equate to over 450,000 linear feet, or 150,000 linear feet a year. They immediately began to see success and leveraged the information they received from their new camera system to make better rehabilitation and maintenance decisions. As the project progressed, they understood the need for a faster, more proactive inspection tool and chose to add a PANORAMO 2 system to their fleet. This system not only put them on a path to meet their inspection goals, but provided data that engineering and management staff used to make critical decisions and prioritize rehabilitation efforts.

Result: Although they faced some unforeseen delays due to flooding and emergencies, within four years they had completed their goal of inspecting their entire sanitary system. As a result of this effort, the city recently approved $10 million in rehabilitation efforts. 800-656-4225; 


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