Dry suction creates cleaner excavation

Dry suction creates cleaner excavation

Air excavation has been popular in Europe for decades, and now an  Ontario-based company is optimistic that it will gain a foothold in     North America.

The MTS Dino Series, distributed by OX Equipment, uses the power of air to safely and efficiently excavate.

“With a twin fan system, which generates over 24,000 cfm, powered through a 10-inch-diameter suction tube, the ability to excavate material dry is unmatched,” says Colin Donoahue, the company’s business development manager. “Due to increased restrictions on both allowable weight limits for loaded wet-vacuum equipment, as well as issues and costs surrounding proper disposal of slurry that is generated by hydrovacs, there is an increasing industry need to source productive dry-vacuum equipment.”

The unit’s wirelessly controlled five-point Power Arm makes operation both simple and safe and allows the user to precisely position the suction tube at all times, eliminating worker fatigue when compared to typical vacuum equipment. The side-tipping hopper is able to off-load the dry excavated materials into a roll-off bins or directly on the site for use in backfilling procedures. Powerful onboard twin compressor systems generate over 300 cfm of compressed air to allow excavation in even the toughest clay soils.

“Productivity levels for the MTS dry suction equipment rivals that of a typical hydrovac in most instances and all without generating any wet spoils,” Donoahue says.

The remote drive feature gives the operator the option not only to control the boom, but also move the truck from a remote that is worn by the operator. The driver and operator now have more options in terms of safety and functionality on the job site because they can both maintain their position at the excavation site while repositioning the truck for maximum productivity. An Auto Stop feature uses built-in sensors on the front bumper that will immediately stop the remote drive feature from moving the truck if anything is detected within 3 feet of the front of the truck, ensuring safety while maintaining efficiency.

On-site disposal allows for the freedom to reuse excavated material. Since there is no water involved in the excavation, users can dispose of the materials directly on site to be reused as backfill.

“Customers also see efficiencies and savings due to the equipment staying on site all day excavating and not incurring the costs, or downtime, for disposing of wet slurry,” Donoahue says. 888-290-4044; www.ox-equipment.com.


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