Product Focus: Mainline TV Inspection and Location

Product Focus: Mainline TV Inspection and Location

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Crawler Cameras

Envirosight ROVVER X HD 

The ROVVER X HD sewer inspection system from Envirosight helps municipalities target high-priority areas for inspection, empowering wastewater professionals to pinpoint and characterize I&I sources in mainlines and laterals. It is suitable for performing detailed assessments that provide direct insights into areas of concern. With 12 quick-change wheel options, it can inspect lines from 4 to 96 inches in diameter and keep setup time short. Six-wheel drive with proportional steering navigates it past obstacles, and its overlapping wheels climb offsets with ease. Plus, powerful motors and a geared drivetrain maximize travel range. 866-937-1718;

Electronic Locators

Hermann Sewerin GmbH SeCorrPhon AC 200

The SeCorrPhon AC 200 from Hermann Sewerin GmbH combines the characteristics of a correlator with acoustic water leak detection, meaning prelocation, pinpointing and correlation in one single system. It includes an easy-to-read measurement value display and automated filter selection. It is based on the tried and tested housing and hardware concept of the AQUAPHON A 200. Each is ideal for use for leak detection across all sections, materials, diameters and lengths of pipelines. Numerous additional functions are also available for complex location scenarios. 888-592-9916; 

InfoSense SL-RAT 

The Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT, from InfoSense is an acoustic inspection technology used to screen for blockages in small-diameter gravity sewers. It is a highly portable on-site assessment tool that utilizes transmissive acoustics to safely provide a very fast and low-cost understanding of blockage conditions. Hundreds of utilities around the world utilize the SL-RAT to rapidly screen collections systems and better deploy costly cleaning and CCTV resources. This technology offers real-time blockage assessments in 3 minutes or less with no flow contact. 877-747-3245;

Subsite Electronics UtiliGuard 2 RTK

The UtiliGuard 2 RTK receiver from Subsite Electronics was designed as a simple, easy-to-operate utility locating tool for operators locating, mapping and capturing underground utilities. It utilizes survey-grade technology and features dual-band antennas to provide operators with reliable positioning data with centimeter-grade accuracy. Its precision helps when locating abandoned and untracked utilities that are difficult to pinpoint. By quickly verifying the utilities installed, operators efficiently tailor bids to match a job site needs, as well as gain insight into the underground infrastructure to avoid cross bores during future projects. The receiver provides locate crews with integrated data capture, GPS positioning and an intuitive user interface to improve work quality and maximize locate awareness. By downloading the MyUtiliGuard application, operators simplify and streamline how they capture, map and share data. 800-846-2713;

Vivax-Metrotech vLoc3 RTK-Pro

The vLoc3 RTK-Pro utility locator from Vivax-Metrotech adds RTK GNSS accuracy. Using the internal cellular module with 4G LTE capabilities, the operator can connect to an NTRIP RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) caster that provides RTCM 3 corrections. By utilizing these corrections, the operator can collect both utility location data and the utility’s geographical location with survey-grade accuracy. All field data is sent to the cloud and retained in the receiver’s onboard storage for review and exporting to mapping programs. 800-446-3392;

Inspection Vehicles

CUES pre-built trucks

For municipalities and contractors who need a lateral/mainline or mainline inspection truck fast, CUES pre-built trucks are available. They are always in stock and on the lot. They’re pre-configured with all the essential CUES inspection equipment needed for most jobs, and can be delivered in a fraction of the time. CUES can deliver truck(s) three to four weeks from purchase, and often sooner if they have the accessories in stock. 800-327-7791;

Mainline TV Camera Systems

Electric Eel EELvision Elite

The EELvision Elite inspection camera from Electric Eel is designed for inspecting 3- to 10-inch-diameter lines. It has a 1.30-inch self-leveling color camera with vivid adjustable LED lights and a large 7-inch monitor for easy viewing. A sunshield allows for outdoor viewing and protects the monitor in transport. It comes standard with 200 feet of 1/2-inch-diameter premium push cable, an on-screen footage counter, continuous display odometer, one-touch recording to USB and screenshot capability, an extended ergonomic handle to facilitate maneuverability and transport, heavy-duty metal frame and wheels, a user-friendly control panel, quick start guide tutorial prompts, QR code for manual and support accessibility, a built-in always-on sonde, dual power sources (AC and 18V), and a Makita M18 battery port. It also accepts both Milwaukee and DeWalt batteries with a provided adapter. 800-833-1212;

EPL Solutions Gvision V7

The Gvision V7 from EPL Solutions is a ruggedized, elite camera system that can be purchased for mainline use with 200, 300 or 400 feet of stiff yet flexible pushrod or a 150-foot mini-camera. Instantly capture video recordings and snapshots with the press of a button and access them anytime within the internal storage. The tech will never have to wonder where a video was taken as geolocation information is automatically attached and displayed on recordings. Add text overlay using the camera reel or a USB keyboard. Copy recordings and snapshots on two USB flash drives at once, or share them using the Gvision app. The app allows the user to remotely control, preview and download video inspections for easy sharing. Users can capture every detail with the color camera head clearly displayed on a 10.4-inch TruView LCD screen. Add an internal battery for up to six hours of runtime. 714-453-9760;

General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Eye X-POD Plus 

The Gen-Eye X-POD Plus sewer camera system from General Pipe Cleaners includes the Gen-Pack battery adapter, Wi-Fi transmitter and an on-screen distance counter as standard equipment. The battery adapter lets you operate the camera system for up to 12 hours in remote locations with limited access to power. Fuse-protected to safeguard your equipment investment, the battery adapter is also available separately. A battery and charger are not included. The built-in Wi-Fi transmitter lets you view and record inspections on a cellphone. Using the system’s USB port, you can also archive activity on handy flash drives. The on-screen distance counter shows how far the camera has traveled down a line in feet or meters. Settings can be adjusted for full-size or mini-reel configurations. 800-245-6200;

Hathorn Inspection Cameras H12+ Command Module 

The H12+ Command Module from Hathorn Inspection Cameras comes equipped with a bright, daylight-readable 12-inch screen. Available with Wi-Fi or standard, it provides stunning picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital pan-and-zoom technology. It has menus in three languages (English, French and Spanish), compatibility with all Hathorn reels from 100 to 500 feet, an information bar with text overlay options, two sonde frequencies (512 and 640 Hz) and a large amount of file storage. It comes standard with a 128 GB hard drive which is upgradeable to 512 GB, allowing the user to save MPG videos and JPG screenshots to either the HDD or to a USB stick. Powered by 18-volt Milwaukee (or equivalent) batteries, it will run up to 4 hours on a single charge. Batteries are sold separately. 866-428-4676;

MyTana MS11-NG2

MyTana’s versatile MS11-NG2 inspection system inspects 3- to 6-inch lines with a self-leveling camera head. Swap in a smaller head included with the optional MS11+ Combo Kit to inspect 1.5- to 2-inch lines. Each head has a 512Hz transmitter built in. A high-clarity 6.4-inch daylight-readable monitor and all the controls are integrated on the sturdy reel frame for grab-and-go convenience; helpful when access points are scattered or hard to reach. Save footage to internal or removable drives, or stream video wirelessly to a mobile device and add voice description using the built-in microphone. The durable pushrod is available in 150- or 200-foot lengths and can be replaced in your facility. 800-328-8170;

RapidView IBAK North America MicroLite Pushrod System

The MicroLite Pushrod System from RapidView IBAK North America is a lightweight, small-diameter push system with durable steel-frame construction that delivers a high-quality image for all contractors. Fitted with 100 feet of push cable, powerful LED lighting and an auto-uprighting camera, it is designed to inspect pipelines 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The entire system is powered by rechargeable batteries and is equipped with the positionable MicroLite Command Console, which includes a 10-inch touch-screen monitor, full Windows operating system, two USB connections and recording software. 800-656-4225;

Spartan Tool Traveler 3.0

The Traveler 3.0 is the next generation of Spartan Tool’s all-in-one sewer inspection system, upgraded for tough customers. It is the same compact, portable size as before but includes completely rebuilt and upgraded interior components. It offers a stronger, more durable pushrod with a removable reel, allowing you to swap reels in the field quickly and easily. An upgraded camera head with high-intensity LEDs comes standard, but a line of easily interchangeable, customizable camera heads is offered for flexibility. The upgraded interior electronic components are built to withstand harsh environments and deliver better resolution and accuracy. 800-435-3866;

Trojan Worldwide VisionHD 

The VisionHD 1080p camera system from Trojan Worldwide is a reliable and easy-to-operate system designed for use in 1.5- to 4-inch lines. The all-in-one enclosed case features a 1-inch high-definition 1080p self-leveling waterproof color camera head with adjustable LED lights and a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter for locating. The system has 100 feet of durable pushrod, and a built-in foot counter. The display module has a 10-inch full HD LCD with DVR and is capable of recording to an SD card or USB flash drive for up to 6 hours on a full charge. Other features include a keyboard for text writing and attachable microphone for voice recording. Accessories include headphones with microphone, two centering skids, charging cord and USB adapter. 800-395-4902;

Mainline TV Camera Accessories

CPI Products URS1

Often inspection cameras get down a pipe and start pushing debris, which obstructs the camera lens, or they just cannot reach the problem. The URS1 roller skid from CPI Products moves the camera off the bottom of the pipe and centers it for an improved image. The wheels reduce friction and enable the camera to also go farther down the pipe. The legs automatically extend to keep it centered, and when the retrieval rope is pulled, it reduces the size of the URS1, making it easier to retrieve. Optional LED scuba lights increase visibility. 413-443-0925;

Smoke Locators

Cherne Residential Plumbing Smoke Blower

The Cherne Residential Plumbing Smoke Blower is a fast and easy leak detection system. The blower uses long-lasting dense smoke that is pumped into a plumbing system to identify leaks quickly and efficiently. Featuring a 5-foot heavy-duty hose that fits a 4-inch cleanout tee, the blower is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. With exhaust pumped through the plumbing, the blower can be used indoors and easily transported with its top-mounted carrying handle. Its efficient 122-CC, 3.5 hp, 4-stroke Honda engine provides more than 700 cfm, making it fast, easy, and safe to determine plumbing problem areas. Vibration damping minimizes excess movement and noise, creating a smoother and more efficient experience. 800-843-7584;

Superior Signal 5E FLEX

Superior Signal’s 5E FLEX battery-powered smoke blower is designed for smoke-testing building plumbing and sewer laterals. It is compatible with leading 18- to 20-volt tool batteries and, utilizing a high-quality power adapter, the blower integrates with an existing electric tool set. Additionally, it can run off any 12- to 24-volt power source — such as a car or truck battery — using the DC clips power adapter. It gently pushes smoke through the system in just a few minutes and takes only seconds to see results. While it is popular for a variety of plumbing applications, it is also useful in testing sewer laterals, and can clearly illustrate where a fault or leak may occur on private property. It comes with an 8-foot industrial-grade hose. Used with 1A or 2B smoke candles, it creates 4,000 or 8,000 cubic feet of smoke, respectively. The smoke candles are also sold in SealPac cans which extend shelf life. 732-251-0800;


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