Electronic Leak Detection - Two-way automated leak-detection meters

The Mi.Echo System from Mueller Water Products allows utilities to remotely detect and monitor leaks in water distribution mains. It integrates acoustic-based leak detection technology with a fixed, two-way AMI network. The Mi.Logger radio frequency transceiver uses sensors and algorithms housed in a cast iron or high-density plastic enclosure that replaces the pumper nozzle caps of wet- and dry-barrel fire hydrants. Receivers collect acoustic data from pipelines before generating and wirelessly transmitting reports containing the data to the host software. Leaks, bursts, low flow and hydrant tampering can be viewed by users online through the user interface, which is integrated with Esri GIS Mapping software. Users can view the sizes and locations of leaks to determine whether or not immediate repairs are needed, and they can compare collected data to reports transmitted by other units to rule out false leak alarms. 770/206-4200; www.muellerwaterproducts.com.


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