Jet/Vac Combination Trucks/Trailers - Transway Systems Terra-Vex

The Terra-Vex all-season hydroexcavator from Transway Systems has a direct-drive 6,400 cfm blower, silencers and water system contained within an insulated heated acoustical walk-in enclosure, including 23 square feet of usable storage space. The enclosure reduces sound levels by several decibels, enabling hassle-free residential work while ensuring operators and water components don’t freeze. The hydraulically driven water pump delivers 10 gpm at 6,000 psi, and the 1,200-gallon HDPE water tank and 425,000 Btu burner are protected from the elements. The 3,000-gallon debris tank comes with hydraulically operated hoist, full open rear door and locks. A 26-foot, 8-inch suction boom is hydraulically operated with a joystick and wireless remote control. 800/263-4508;


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