The XXL automatic tank cleaning head from Hammelmann Corp. removes extremely hard-scale buildup from large tanks, vessels and interior of pipes. It operates using the power of high-pressure water so no other energy sources or extra cleaning materials are necessary. The nozzle arm rotates due to the reaction force of the water jets emitting from the nozzles mounted at each end of the spray arm. This rotational motion is transferred via a built-in drive and reduction gear, which in turn rotates the cleaner around its vertical axis. By rotating in two axes, the water jets can reach all parts of the tank interior. The speed of rotation is controlled by a finger-adjustable induction brake magnet. The head can be operated with pressures up to 23,000 psi and flow rates exceeding 200 gpm. It allows for low pressure loss and delivers a long and conical nozzle stream. The unit can be easily converted into a pipe-cleaning unit by fitting into a sledge cage with a pulling eye and kick plate for self-propulsion. 800/783-4935;


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